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Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S9 Deals (Updated Weekly)

por Lola Cantero (2019-11-14)

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S9 Deals (Updated Weekly)
The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ sit, without a doubt, atop the Android mountain. With these premium phones, however, comes premium prices. Starting at $700 for the S9 ($840 for the S9+) it's no wonder that consumers demand deals for these premier devices. Some of the best Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ deals are buy one get free deals offered up by several carriers.

Galaxy S9
5.8 Inch Screen
Stunning camera + photos
Lightning fast speeds
Galaxy S9 Plus
6.2 Inch Screen
Stunning camera + photos
Secondary portrait camera on back
Lightning fast speeds
S9: $720 RRP 9+ $840 RRP
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AT&T Deals
The Best Deals on the Galaxy S9

Hot Samsung Galaxy deals includes a great offer from AT&T.

Take a peak at some of the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and check back for weekly updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Availability
As far as carrier pricing of the Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, the retail prices set by the carriers varies by $80 where this disparity does not typically exist for iPhones. There's wide availability on the S9 and S9+ from large carriers and MVNOs.
Smaller carriers are now offering the S9, all with their own deals. On a smaller carrier / MVNO your monthly price is typically going to be cheaper than the big 4 carriers.

Check out this chart to compare outright pricing for the Samsung S9 and S9 Plus on each carrier. It's also important to remember that on all models you will need to pay the devices sales taxes and fees.

Galaxy S9 Outright (Unlocked) Pricing
Here's the retail price from Samsung and major carriers (most people will purchase on installment plans and leases as shown below and the best deals to date (i.e. Buy One, Get One) have all required installment plans
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Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung $720 $840
Verizon $800 $930
Sprint $792 $912
AT&T $790 $915
T-Mobile $720 $840
Paying monthly via installments and leasing is the most common way to buy so let's take a look at the big 4 carriers.

AT&T Samsung S9 Plans & Deals
Deal: Pay as low as $10/month for your new Samsung Galaxy S9 when purchasing on AT&T Next.
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AT&T's Next is AT&T phone financing program
You will receive a credit of $10/month
Difference Between S9 and S9+
Galaxy S9 Vs Galaxy S9+
Feature Difference Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+
Screen Size Larger screen 5.8 Inches 6.2 Inches
Weight Slightly heavier 5.75 Ounces 6.66 Ounces
Battery Larger battery 3,000mAH 3,500mAH
RAM Faster processing 4GB 6GB
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Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus
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