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Netflix in talks to offer its streaming library in China

por Tamera Carolan (2019-12-11)

-text c-gray-1" >President Underwood is already popular in China, but it looks like Netflix is prepping to offer more of its streaming library in that locale. The Wall Street Journal reports that Reed Hastings & Co. are in talks with online broadcasters BesTV and Wasu to expand its reach outside of the US. Negotiations are said to be in the early stages as issues like objectionable subject matter and restrictions on foreign content are details to be ironed out. And by objectionable, we mean sex, violence and political content -- like the House of Cards plot that chronicled the corruption of a Chinese businessman. Wasu hopes to stream to phones and other devices, and Netflix revealed a desire to send "original and 성인 웹툰 추천 other globally-licensed content" by "operating a small service" in China earlier this year. Back in February, Netflix announced plans to launch in Japan this fall, so the global expansion seems to be progressing nicely for the streaming service.

[Image credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic]

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