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Comic Fashion

por Gilda Billups (2019-12-12)

Comic has been with us for a long time. From the Greek word komikos which means comedy, it is described as images or illustrations paired with words to narrate a story. Historically, it was only a set of illustrations but it took some time before it is established as a sequential narrative about a certain plot. From its younger forms, it then expanded into having words in them, making it more easy for people to understand what the story is all about. Speech balloons had been used for this. It has evolved from more than just being comedic strips into other genres such as action-adventure and historical drama, sports and games, romance and drama, mystery and horror and of course, science fiction and fantasy. came a long way from how it had been and is now respected and sometimes even seen as a significant part of literature. There is an increasing number of universities around the globe that have started studying graphic fiction for its literary content. Now, it is recognized as something more substantial from the initial impression of a short-lived and short-ranged entertainment. Comic being something that only children can appreciate is no longer applicable. Nowadays, it is loved by children and adults alike.

These collectors are unbelievably loyal. They spend a lot for their collection and they treat their investments with utmost care. Fanatics feel that they still do not have enough that they resort to buying other merchandise related to the comic like action figures and other collectibles.

One notable collectible is the belt buckle with a logo from a comic character design. Usually it is the simplicity of the logo that endears them to the public. Fans can easily copy them in the things they own identifying themselves in them. The irony is that most of the time the characters from a comic also wear belts. In that sense, a fanatic is doing it twice, donning a belt just as the hero from his comic and also flaunting the logo of the character.

These characters took another turn with the rise of special effects in films that allow to translate these comics into film. Again, these characters have the chance to reach out to new and even younger audiences.

Some of the comic characters included in the collection of belt buckles in are Superman, Spiderman, The Punisher and 19 웹툰 추천 Batman. These are all licensed from the original makers of the comic. It has been noted that aside from shirts to be worn, most collectibles are not for everyday use. Action figures are stashed in cupboards. Others are meant to be displayed in ones shelves. Posters adorn walls. The loyal fans needed something more to speak their love about these characters. A belt buckle easily fits into an everyday ensemble. Almost everyone sees the need to wear a belt that it is a basic accessory in anyones wardrobe. These characters, even if they are mostly heroic in the stories, still have their weaknesses and particular traits that endeared them to ordinary people. Supporters easily identified themselves with these characters that there is always that need to express their relationship to them.

Comic is indeed a long way from how it had been recognized. Collectors would surely enjoy the variety of these belt buckles.