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Hiring a Landscaper Made Easy at Home Show

por Jonelle McKenzie (2019-12-26)

Before hiring any contractor, for your home, indoors or out, be sure to know who you are doing business with. Attend the Maricopa County Home & Landscape Show, April 29-May 1, 2011 at the AZ Stat Fairgrounds and you will be able to talk to hundreds of contractors face to face, if you like a particular contractor, ask for references, ask for addresses where you can go by and see past jobs, and always check them out on the AZ Registrar of Contractors AZ ROC) website.

A must is to visit the Outdoor Avenue landscape displays (in front of the yellow building-next to the NW Gated Entry). Talented and creative AZ ROC licensed landscape contractors have built beautiful walk-through gardens, all for your enjoyment. The landscape contractors were only given 48 hours to each create a 900 square foot landscape garden that represents their unique vision of what a dream backyard getaway looks like to them. You will be amazed as you meander through the many landscapes to see the incredible amount of work that went into creating these displays. Bonus: The landscape contractors will be on hand to answer any of your landscape questions, so take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and talk to the experts!

Exotic Scapes
Set your mind at ease with the tranquil sounds of flowing water as you walk through Exotic Scapes lush landscape display. Exotic Scapes will be featuring a zen like serenity fountain surrounded by lush turf and a variety of colorful plant species. Exotic Scapes will be handing out a free catalog filled with beautiful water and fire features that start out as low as $1,495.00! Come enjoy the scenery and grab your catalog on the go for your future home landscape projects! ROC # 228673

Professional Landscape
Are you looking for that perfect cool summer setting? Relax into your own personal retreat - come by and experience the breath-taking ambience created by Professional Landscaping and Sprinklers. The lush green grass is surrounded by a perfectly manicured lawn your neighbors would die for. Bask in the desert oasis atmosphere created by the elegant palm trees that add the finishing touches to this dream landscaping. Ask about your free design and start living in your own resort setting. ROC # 189956

Worktree Landscape
Delight in the water feature made from surface select boulders and a pond trimmed with flagstone. Image entertaining guests on the paverstone decking area covered by a fabulous palapa with BBQ, and Bar setup. Tropical plants and paverstone boarders are the finishing touch to create a lush environment. We invite you to stop by our landscape and toss a coin into our pond for Hospice of the Valley. Be sure to pick up information on our do-it-yourself sprinkler kits and installation instructions for sprinklers and lighting. ROC # 145643

Gardener's Eden Landscaping
Gardener's Eden Landscaping is featuring the AZ Southwest Collage Garden: A designed and built backyard anyone would want to transport to their home! Waves of flower pots overflowing with flowers, blooming shrubs and trees all provide color that is carefully blended to soften the paver patio and walks leading to a restful Solara ramada patio. Tall iris flowers from the Pettersons' iris farm grace the patio table. Color and fragrance from the flowers excite the senses of sight and smell. Trickling water flows from a stainless steel globe in the water feature. Hand blown glass balls decorate the pond.

The Solara ramada, set on Mission style columns, provides year round use. The open/close unique design allows you to change the aluminum louvers to block the summer sun and rain or let next winters warming sun in to save energy.

An easy to assembly container garden features vegetables. This dream garden can be achieved with low water use plants and flowers locally grown at Gardener's World where we teach water saving soil and irrigation techniques in our free classes and send email garden tips.

Our outstanding designers can plan your year round garden for relaxation and entertainment so you can enjoy your own Garden of Eden. ROC # 140831

Perry Nelson Landscaping
Display: Red Mountain Beauty. As you look to the east toward Fountain Hills, Phoenix residence can easily see the powerful silhouette of Red Mountain. Using material from the gravel yard located at the base of AZ Red Mountain; I will construct a beautiful rock waterfall using several colors of boulders chipped from our prized mountain. This water feature will make your backyard pop with color and at the same time make for a tranquil setting to relax by. I will also have AZ indigenous plants and a few of my homegrown hurricane palms for palapaqq a nice oasis. Stop by, as always, I will have surprises. ROC # 064646

Advant-Edge Decorative Curbing & Landscaping
This Tropical Oasis features a 900 square foot dream backyard with a the tropical flair that so many Arizona residents desire. The centerpiece of this display will feature a fabulous Koi pond with built in seating around it, for your viewing pleasure. Our variety of beautiful palms, plants and trees native to the tropical regions of the world that will also thrive here in our desert climate creates that feel for the tropics while our custom hardscaping provides the functional elements to tie together this tropical oasis. Advant-Edge Landscape, winner of the 2011 Maricopa County Home Shows Landscape Competition is in Landscape # 5 on the outdoor avenue. ROC # 211530

Landscape Excellence
Tour through tropical gardens with soothing soft textures, smooth curves and bright colors. Excitement sparks your imagination by sounds of water and more interest with geometric shaped bubbles of flowers! We can create a get away with greenery and shade for your own secluded garden. Come visit with designers Randy and Debbie Decker who bring their expertise to your back yard. ROC # 254117

Written by Rene' Smith
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