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Where to shop online that isn’t Amazon

por Annetta Cole (2019-07-22)

There's been a tremendous measure of exposure created by Amazon Prime Day (attention that, truth be told, The Skirt has added to, covering both Prime Day Arrangements and Prime Day blacklists). Be that as it may, there are clearly different spots to purchase from out there in the wilds of the web. We took a fast survey of The Skirt's staff, and thought of a couple of most loved hotspots for books, blessings and different items that you should need to attempt in case you're not an individual from Prime, need to do some correlation shopping online, or simply need to see something somewhat unique.

This is in no way, shape or form a total rundown. Truth be told, it's just a start — there is a fantastic assortment of stores outside of the Amazon biological system (huge numbers of which additionally sell by means of Amazon). Be that as it may, we suspected we'd offer a couple of choices, just to kick you off.

(Remember that not these sellers will ship to each nation outside the US, on the off chance that they dispatch outside the US by any means.)

Photograph by Andrew Liptak/The Skirt Books Alibris

An extensive (since 1997) commercial center for free merchants to sell music, films, and books.

Book Outlet

A clearance room for books; most are distributer overloads, so will in general be in preferable condition over trade-in books.

Powell's Books

An autonomous book shop situated in Portland, Oregon that arrangements in new, utilized, uncommon, and no longer available books.


A solid option for anything with the exception of just-discharged books. You can get practically any trade-in book for a couple of bucks.

Photograph by Vlad Savov/The Skirt Apparel L.L. Bean

Established in 1912, this is an incredible spot to discover outside and easygoing wear. Its "arrival at whatever point" strategy has deplorably been changed to "return inside a year," yet despite everything it offers free transporting and comes back to its Mastercard clients.


A decent spot for shoes and boots. The Skirt manager who suggested it says "I've gotten more compliments on the stuff I've purchased from this site, and they're well-made and agreeable."

Hardware Apple

It's somewhat self-evident, yet in case you're hoping to purchase an Apple item, will have it.


Having begun as a photography outlet, thinking back to the 1970s (and still a noteworthy hotspot for cameras and other photograph gear), B&H has turned into an extraordinary spot to search for a wide range of tech. Know that the site is shut Friday through Saturday nights.

Best Purchase

Best Purchase is a noteworthy hotspot for tech, and is a decent spot to check for arrangements, particularly when it's contending with Amazon for purchasers with cost coordinated deals.

Smaller scale Center

Maybe not too known as Best Purchase, Miniaturized scale Center is another great source to check for arrangements on hardware, including a wide determination of PC parts in case you're into structure your own.


Portrayed on its site as conveying a wide scope of purchaser gadgets, stimulation, shrewd home and gaming items, Newegg has been a noteworthy hotspot for tech since 2001.

Diversions and open air sports

A decent spot to look for bicycling aficionados. One staff member states, "odd site however purchased my last two bicycles there."

An outlet for both major and independent RPGs and, as per one customer, "it has a decent suggestion motor, it has moment PDF download, and it recollects what you purchased so on the off chance that you lose access to your PDFs (state in a PC crash) you can re-download them there."


Considering itself a community instead of a store, REI sells a wide range of apparel and apparatus for climbing, outdoors, sailing, snowboarding and a huge number of other open air recreational exercises.

Inside Comiket General shopping eBay

Let's be honest, eBay is as yet the site to visit when you're searching for something that you can't discover anyplace else, particularly on the off chance that you need to attempt to think that its utilized.


Target offers bargains on a wide scope of items, including garments, furniture, drug store merchandise, kitchen devices, and gadgets.

Once focusing on selling surplus merchandise, Overload currently is a noteworthy online retailer that likewise offers new items. It merits a look to check whether you can get something at a lesser cost.


What's there to state? It's Walmart, known for being a deal store for a wide range of home products, from family supplies to furniture and toys; it likewise has a huge innovation segment.

etsy office Blessings and specialties Etsy

While it's gotten a lot greater and harder to peruse through than back in its progressively unobtrusive days, and there have been some ongoing debates over new valuing strategies, Etsy is as yet the site to visit in case you're searching for specialties and fascinating hand-made blessing things.


The site for any individual who preferences pens, note pads, or anything that has to do with perusing and composing. Not reasonable, yet an extraordinary spot to discover a present for an artistic companion.


Once in the past Affection Sewing, this site takes into account the individuals who appreciate sewing, sewing, and a wide range of embroidery. A long-lasting client at The Skirt states, "As most specialists, I value a specific site that is attempting to complete one thing admirably. Amazon has a ton of yarn yet I don't confide in it the manner in which I believe Love Sewing; the accumulation of free examples at Affection Sewing is additionally incredible."

Penguin Blessing Shop

When a shop in Manhattan's South Road Seaport, the Penguin Blessing Shop is the spot to discover everything penguin, including toys, ensembles and housewares. What's more, who doesn't care for penguins?

moxy lodging Home and furniture Home Terminal

While Home Station is known generally for its huge stores that offer supplies to expert and beginner home manufacturers and renovators, shopping online its colossal stock — including furniture, kitchen apparatuses, and cleaning helps — is accessible online also.


This Scandinavian furniture store is infamous both for its marvelous gathering headings and its ubiquity for offering attractive lowish-cost items. You'll have to pay for delivery, however you never again need to discover a store and stuff the flatpack encloses to a vehicle.

Photograph by Amelia Holowaty Krales/The Skirt Individual and family items Purchase Child

A notable shopping site where you can purchase apparel, toys, and contraptions for newborn children and babies; one staff member reports that he utilized it "a bundle when the kiddos were pretty much nothing."


Offers a wide scope of beautifying agents and other magnificence items. From a fan: "Less fakes, in addition to a physical store in the event that I need to give the skincare a shot IRL, or simply pocket an example for some other time."

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