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Is PC for gaming

por Louise Short (2019-07-24)

It can be for gaming, if you buy the right computer with enough ram and a good prossessor but not all pc are for gaming such as most laptops but they do make some gaming laptops......:)

pexels-photo-618612.jpegWhat gaming pc is better HP Envy 700 Gaming PC price 1000 CyberPowerPc Gamer Xtreme GXi490 PC CyberPowerPC gamer ultra Gua490 gaming PC Cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme GXI480 gaming Pc 880 Are these good?
HP Envy 700 Gaming PC price 1000 CyberPowerPc Gamer Xtreme GXi490 PC CyberPowerPC gamer ultra Gua490 gaming PC Cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme GXI480 gaming Pc 880 gaming PC are very good.

share: Is console or PC gaming better?
Absolutely PC gaming by far it is faster

share: Do I need a gaming PC?
Yes you probably do, because there are so many more games for pc as well as mac although i have a mac i want a pc for gaming

share: Where can you get a free gaming PC?
There are lots of scams on the internet for free gaming pcs. Don't listen to them because they will most likely give you viruses and make you need another regular PC. The only way I've heard of actually getting a free gaming PC is by winning gaming competitions.

share: Can you use a gaming PC as a normal PC?
Yes, A gaming PC can be used for surfing the internet, Skype, social networking... Of course, when you're tired of doing that, you can play games.

share: What names is suitable for a shop whish has PC gaming and also sells PC harwares?
When it comes to building/buying a good PC gaming rig I think Dell is the best because they bought Alienware which has always had the best pre built gaming rigs around.

share: What is a gaming PC keyboard?
A PC gaming keyboard, if I know what you mean... Well, it's the part of the keyboard you use to control a game. Hope it helps!

share: 500 budget bitfenix prodigy pc build Case only build For a Good gaming pc?
When a budget of 500 dollars can build a good gaming PC. This can be build piece by piece.

share: What is the difference between a gaming PC and an ordinary PC?
A 'gaming' PC could be defined as one specifically built to play games. Many regular PCs are used to play games of course, a specialist gaming PC though like Alienware is made especially to play the more demanding games on the highest resolutions, for example.

share: What is the potential for advancement in game designing?
PC gaming's potential for advancement is limitless for the simple fact that you can keep building/upgrading your gaming rig. Console games are limited by the hardware Microsoft & Sony built into their systems. That is why PC gaming will never die & why PC gaming is superior to consoles.

share: Are the specs I have chosen good for a gaming PC?
The specs you will need to choose for a gaming PC should include a large amount of storage space. You should also consider extra memory and a decent video card for optimal gaming.

share: Which is best PC or consoles?
The long-standing debate of PC gaming versus console gaming ultimately has never reached a consensus. That being said, it is entirely up to the gamer, but such a decision must be made upon certain criteria such as favored games and their availability for their chosen gaming system. Another of the many factors to consider include associated cost (PC gaming can often be more expensive than console gaming).

share: Which magazines offer reviews for the best gaming computers?
A number of computer magazines offer reviews for the best gaming computers. One can find such reviews in magazines such as 'PC Mag', 'PC Pro' and PC Pilot Magazine.

share: What motherboards are the best for gaming?
Alian where PC.

share: What other game systems do they still make?
The best gaming system is a well built PC gaming rig hands down. Also i think microsoft, sony, & nintendo still have their crappy consoles. All hail PC Gaming!!

share: Will an external hard drive improve your gaming on your computer?
No it will not it will only make your PC faster not the game but if you want to improve gaming on your PC check youtube or download game booster.

share: Can you recommend a good gaming PC?
Try a custom gaming PC company like Ironside Computers. Speak to someone there so they can recommend exactly what you need. Their website is

share: What is a good gaming laptop for under 1500 with a 17 inch screen?
No offense, But do your self a favor turismo and get a desktop gaming PC not a laptop. You would get a better PC for less money

share: Different between gaming PC and normal PC?
The main difference is your graphics card which is what displays images on the screen constantly. Although gaming on PC requires that almost every hardware aspect be better than you average PC. Gaming pcs are often quite large mostly because of the fact that graphics cards can start to get really big when you get higher performance ones.

share: Is higher hz better for gaming?
No, anything at 60hz or more is enough for any gaming console or PC

share: How much ram does a computer need to be considered a gaming PC?
It depends on the game itself, if the game needs only 2 GB of RAM, then 2 GB RAM would be sufficient for the gaming PC. But the optimal amount of RAM a gaming PC should have is 8 GB to support all the controls and graphics of the game.

share: Should you build a gaming PC?
Its completely on you.I would say buying a Gaming PC might save you from all the headache you might get while assembling your PC but if you have done it before then go for it.You should know what to look in a device or hardware piece to compare it with others and buy the best.Like a GPU with more memory is not always good. Make sure you are choosing the right hardware and make sure... Read More

share: What is the best OS for a gaming PC?
The best OS for a gaming PC will either be Windows XP (any part of the XP series) or Windows 7 (any part of the 7 series).

share: Is PC Gaming on the rise again?
Yes, of course.

share: What are ratings of PC gaming?
RP rating pending

share: Are these Gaming PC specs good?
To determine if a certain set of gaming specs is good the specs needs to be provided.

share: How do you get sims on your PC?
you have to buy it. you'll find it at gaming stores the PC one is the best its usually 40$

share: How much is a custom gaming computer?
Cyber power PC has gaming computers for sale anywhere between 899.00 to 5849.00. Where on the other hand you can go to No compromise gaming, which has a gaming desktop for 205.00 monthly payment for a 1780.00 gaming computer.

share: What are gaming computers?
Gaming computers are used for playing video games on the PC. They are also good for many other things just because of the fact that if it works for gaming then it works really good for the rest. Everything in a PC has to be top of the line to play the most modern games out there.

share: Which PC is better for gaming?
this is arguable but my opinion is that the alien ware m15x is the best gaming laptop and has all the compatibilities of a desktop.

share: Can you play PC games on a laptop?
sure you can but its more expensive to buy a gaming laptop than it is to buy a gaming desktop

share: Is black ops for online gaming?
There is a PC version of the game

share: What things are computers used for in schools?
PC gaming fun

share: How do you buy a gaming PC?
you go to a store and buy one

share: What gaming PC should you buy?
recoil tank game

share: What motherboard is best for 3D gaming?
There are many great motherboards made to compliment PC Gamers but none are really "the best" for PC Gaming. Your best bet would to go for a nVidea PCI-E motherboard.

share: Is there destroy all humans path of the furon for PC?
Sadly, no. Major game developers disregard the fact that PC gaming is better than console gaming and go out of their way just to make it for only console.

share: How do you get Team Fortress 2 on PC?
You can download Team Fortress 2 for free on Steam, the PC Gaming platform.

share: Where can i download fifa 15 for pc?
I am not sure where to download Fifa 15 for the PC at. You can try going to a local store and buying the PC gaming disk.

share: What gaming platforms is Sniper Ghost Warrior on?
xbox 360 and PC

share: What gaming engine does avp run on?
on ps3 xbox 360 and PC

share: Where can one purchase a gaming notebook?
currys and pc world are good

share: Are macs for good for oap?
I would reccomend an alienware gaming pc.

share: Are there any female video game inventors?
yeah there is alot of them if you include PC gaming (I imagine there is alot in console gaming too though)

share: Are desktop computers better for gaming?
I believe they are. Desktop computers have more video gaming capabilities. They have more Ram and Hard drive to allow for the intense consumption of resources that gaming takes on a PC

share: Where in Australia can you buy your Sims PC?
Almost EVERY Gaming Store that sells PC games, playstation games and / or xbox or ds games Has sims Games, If you know of a gaming store in austrilia then check it out or research other stores.

share: What hardware upgrade would allow the processor in a gaming PC to provide gaming performance?
You would need the following: A Processor that is a dual-core at 2.5 Ghz or higher 4 GB or more of RAM A Graphics Card that has 2 GB GDDR5 Memory A HDD SATA Cable that has a 4 GB/s Transfer rate

share: What games can you play on the PC with an xbox 360 controller?
You cannot connect your controller to your PC. However, Microsoft have released a gaming controller for PC which is a Xbox 360 controller.

share: Witch is better xbox 360 or a good gaming laptop?
I would say a good gaming laptop definitely. Most games for 360 are also made for PC but there are tons of popular games that aren't made for xbox and only PC.

share: Is the Cyberpower Black Pearl a great gaming PC?
Yes I actually ordered one myself and it is an amazing PC for gaming. I can run games on ultra settings and there is no lag what so ever. I would recommend getting it if you have not already. I hope this helped.

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