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How does one apply for disability

por Eloisa Winfield (2019-07-25) the US, you can apply for social security or disability benefits on the social security homepage. This site, ssa dot gov, will allow you to submit your information and apply for benefits.

If one is workung with fibromyalgia can one apply for disability?
you can't get disability if you're still able to work.

share: How does one apply for VA disability?
There are a number of steps in applying for VA disability. One first has to consult with a doctor. After he has made his consultation, one has to file disability paperwork with the VA.

share: When were the disability services act and the disability discrimination act passed in parliament and how do they apply to the area of disability work?
1986 they apply to the laws

share: How soon can you apply for disability when pregnant?
You can apply for disability once your doctor indicates you are not able to work.

share: How do you file disability?
Go to the SSA gov website and choose DISABILITY at the top in the middle of the page Social Security Disability Insurance Program Apply for disability benefits Apply Online for Disability Benefits

share: Can you apply for a disability insurance if you have cancer?
Yes, if you are unable to work. ANSWER: Actually, if you are currently UNABLE to work, you can NOT apply for disability INSURANCE. You have to be actively at work to get insurance for disability.

share: How does one apply for disability insurance in Ontario?
There are four steps to apply for disability insurance in Ontario. First, one must have a medical provider fill out a medical form that describes their disability in detail. Second, one must sign a consent form that allows the government to collect information about their medical history. Third, one must fill out a form that describes in their own words how their disability impacts their life and ability to work. Finally, one must return the... Read More

share: How does one apply for social security disability?
Normally when you want to apply for Social Security Disability you have to either call your local social security office and talk with a representative, go online and send copy of the application and possibly even have to go down to the office in order to apply.

share: Can you apply for unemployment disability if you will be receiving workmen's compensation?
The employer has applied for workmen's compensation can you also apply ufor disability under unemployment. Out of work for a medical disability, herniated disc treatment

share: Can an eviction notice get me approvED for disability in Florida?
No. Evictions have nothing to do with disability. A person can apply for disability benefits from Social Security if he qualifies for it.

share: How do you apply for Short term disability in Texas after delivery?
Texas does not have a state mandated short term disability insurance program. In order to qualify for benefits, you must apply for supplemental short term disability before you conceive.

share: How to apply for disability for pregnancy?
You obtain a welfare cheque.

share: How do you receive Social Security Disability?
Well first you need to apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration. You can apply at your local SSA office or by calling the 1-800 number.

share: Can a convicted felon just being released from prison after fifteen years apply for SSI disability until they are able to get on their feet?
No. You can apply, but what is the disability? It would get denied if you are not mentally or physically disabled.

share: Can you collect some kind of disability while out of work during recovery from a knee replacement if you have no disability insurance of your own or through work and 55 years old?
Not unless your disability is expected to last one year or longer. You can try to apply for Social Security disability, because you won't qualify for individual or workplace disability insurance while disabled.

share: Can illegal aliens apply for social security disability?
No this is a federal program and you must be a citizen to apply. Sorry.

share: Can i apply for disability if one side of my heart is bigger than the other?
Possible. Call social security or go on their website to find out.

share: How do you apply for disability under Social Security?
Go to your local social security office and apply for supplemental social security or social security disability insurance (you must have paid into this program by working)

share: Can i apply for social security disability while receiving short term disability check from work?
Sure. But Social Security eligibility requires that your disability be "permanent and total."

share: How can someone apply for physical disability insurance through a state agency?
Someone can apply for physical disability insurance through a state agency by going to the SSA website. If the person meets the application's requirements, they can get insurance.

share: When were the disability act and the disability discrimination act passed in parliament amd how do they apply to the area of disability work?
The disability act and the disability discrimination act was passed in parliament in the 1980s. At the area of work, employers are supposed to make certain provisions that will also accommodate the disabled.

share: What do you do when short term disability runs out due to illness?
You may be able to file a claim for any long term disability policy that you had in force prior to getting sick. Check to see what the elimination period is for the policy - if you have one. The other option is to apply for Social Security Disability. Your condition must be expected to last for one year or result in death.

share: How long do you have to be on workers comp before you can apply for disability?
It depends on your disability policy. You first want to check your disability policy to make sure that work related injuries/conditions are covered. You generally will be able to find out if work related condition are not covered in the exclusions section of your certificate in which you would not be entitled to disability income. However, if your disability policy covers work related conditions, typically you can apply for disability income once you have met... Read More

share: Do you have to apply for Social Security Disability when you start getting Long Term Disability from your employer?
Yes, if your disability insurance policy has a benefit that is integrated with social insurance benefits.Most employer paid disability insurance policies are integrated with social security benefits, because of the lower premium they have to pay. Individual disability insurance plans can be purchased with or without social security integration. Benefits that are not integrated with social security benefits will not be affected whether you apply or not for social security disability benefits.

share: Can you apply for Social Security I along with your short term disability?
Social Security Disability payments are available to those who have a disability expected to last more than a year. Short term disability is considered to be for six months and is not included in benefits. This is from the Disability Benefits brochure available online.

share: Can a felon apply for social security disability insurance?
yes as long as your not incarcerated

share: How do you apply for long term disability for pregnancy?
Unless there are other medical problems you cannot. Pregnancy is not a disability. Depending on which country you live in there may be certain benefits you may apply for if you are pregnant. You need to check which may be applicable in your circumstances.

share: Can you collect state disability after long term unemployment?
If you're currently disabled and unable to work, you should apply for disability income benefits through your state.

share: Can someone with massive blood clots and pulmonary embolism apply for disability?
anyone can APPLY.. whether you get on it or not, depends on how seriously it affects your ability to work

share: How to go back to social security disability report already started?
apply for benefits

share: Can you apply for Medicare at the age of 60 without a disability?
No. Medicare is for age 65 and older.

share: Can you apply for disability insurance if you haven't had it and have already been out of work for 3 years and are receiving workmans comp?
You can apply for SSDI if that is what you are asking. Whether or not they will take your claim is the question. If you are not working especially due to a disability, you can not buy DI, long or short. 4lifeguild

share: Is a person in methadone maintenance and positive for hep c and bipolar eligible for disability benefits?
If you are bipolar and unable to hold down a job you can apply for disability,but if you take drugs or are recovering from drugs,I dont see any disability there...

share: Does short-term disability apply to maternity leave?
Short term disability will cover your normal labor and delivery if you purchased the policy before getting pregnant.

share: Can you file for disability if you aren't able to work or go to school?
You can apply for SSDI, Social Security Disability Income, if you can document your disabilities with a doctor. Extensive documentation will be needed.

share: What to apply for in NJ after short term disability runs out?
If your disability is due to pregnancy and/or maternity leave you can now apply for NJ paid family leave. It pays the same amount as the NJ TDI plan for an additional 6 weeks so that you can bond with your baby.

share: How do you apply for state disability?
Go to your state's department of labor website for information on how to apply. The states that have coverage are: CA, HI, NJ, NY, and RI.

share: What defines a constant disability?
A disability from which one will never recover.

share: Can you apply for social security disability if getting social security?
Unfortunately, this is the same thing and you cannot.

share: Can you collect military disability pension and social security disability?
Yes you can and most often are entitled to both. Each makes it's own separate decisions though. One doesn't automatically make you eligible for the other. You must apply for each one separately. Most people consult an attorney for military disability through service groups usually that can be found with offices at major VA hospitals.

share: Can you collect short term disability from Missouri while on maternity leave?
Missouri does not have a mandated short term disability program. Your best bet is to apply preconception for individual short term disability insurance. Your maternity leave will be a covered benefit.

share: Does Georgia cover short term disability for pregnancy?
Georgia does not have state mandated short term disability coverage. Private short term disability policies will cover your pregnancy and maternity leave - provided you apply for coverage before getting pregnant.

share: Is bipolar disorder comsidered a disability?
Yes You can receive Social Security Disability payments if you apply for disability. Your doctor will need to produce records proving the disorder. Get a lawyer who specializes in this. The paperwork is tremendous and he will know what is needed. They are limited by law as to how much they can charge.

share: Does the VA pay Temporary full disability while recovering from surgery?
I recently talked to my DAV Rep and he did tell me that if for any reason your disability gets worse to the point that you can not work, or you have surgery to let him know and you can apply to be put on Temporary 100% disability.

share: How long do you need to be out of work to qualify for Social Security disability insurance?
You can apply immediately after leaving the workforce, but your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months, or result in death, in order for you to be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

share: Does ga offer short term disability?
Georgia does not have a state mandated program, but short term disability insurance is readily available to workers in the state. Contact a local agent to apply.

share: If i quit my job do i still get my short term disability?
I wouldn't think so. I know if you quit a job you don't qualify for unemployment so I would think it would apply to disability.

share: What is the proper way to get VA to increase a disability rating?
dont apply on jobs you know youre not qualified to do

share: Can you change social security to ss disability?
this is in terms here social security IS disability it's called "social security disability income" or short "S.S.D.I." the only other one is really S.S.I. which is "supplemental security income" now just saying "I get social security" is disability , as in no longer able to work...generally speaking due to age or disability all the same fund that you paid into while working..S.S.I you can also apply for and sometimes get along with other S.S.A... Read More

share: What happens if you were on unemployment and then became disabled?
You could still apply for disability. Most people I know who apply for it end up applying at least 3 times before they get it.

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