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Can you make podcasts for iPods with YouTube videos

por Ebony Beauchamp (2019-07-26)

yes, sort of. to get a youtube vid onto your ipod you must first download it. To do this go onto you tube, find the vid you want and click on it as if you were going to view it. on the viewing page the address bar will be filled with what looks like a load of rubbish to me and you. This is the URL. Copy the URL and then go to website and paste it into the vid converter there and folow the on screen instructions eventualy downloading the vid. Make a note of where the vid has downloaded to and if you choose your self where it goes make sure this is some where easyily acessible. I recomend a folder like my documents as this is easy to find. Once the vid has downloaded open your itunes and open the folder in wich you saved the vid and drag the vid icon over into your itunes. A message showing that the vid is coping from folder to your itens should apear. from here do as normal to get something onto your ipod.

What does YouTube do?
Youtube enables you to playback videos that other users have uploaded. When you join YouTube you make an account or channel. This is where you upload videos. You do not have to be a member of YouTube to watch videos.

How can one make amazing videos for Youtube?
One can make amazing videos for youtube the same way anyone else can make amazing videos for youtube: With amazing ideas! Anyone can make an amazing youtube video provided they have a good idea and the technical ability, or are willing to learn.

Does Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato make video's for YouTube?
yes they make videos for youtube and they already have alot of videos

Do you have to pay for putting videos on YouTube?
No, its free. And you can actually make money from youtube videos as well.

How do you make money with a video camera?
You can make extra money by uploading your videos to Youtube. There are a fews ways that you can make money with Youtube videos, here are a few suggestions; Join Youtube Partner Program- Youtube partners earn money based on the number of views received on their videos. Make videos to promote local businesses and charge them a direct fee Promote your affiliate links on Youtube

What are YouTube Partners?
Youtube Partners are people who make videos on Youtube and are paid for it.

Are YouTube videos real about aliens?
no, the youtube videos are all fake videos. the people who make those are probably special effects genius's

How do you make YouTube videos work?
It depends on what you are running youtube on

Where can you put videos on youtube?
you need to make an acount and then upload the videos

How do you make money off of YouTube videos?
Become a YouTube partner.

How do you get your own show on YouTube?
Create a youtube channel and make videos

Can you comment and not make videos if you have a YouTube account?
Yes. To comment on a YouTube video you must have an account, but there is no requirement to upload videos.

How do I get permission to make videos on YouTube for video games?
You have to get permission from the video game company before you can publish your videos on YouTube.

Do you need to make videos to have a YouTube account?
No. Having a youtube account is actually to upload videos and video chat with other friends.But a youtube accoint can give you the freedom of choosing your fav. videos also.

Is it illegal to make videos on toontown?
It isn't illegal to make Toontown videos. After all, there are a lot of them on Youtube.

Where do you get clips to make a youtube poop?
Anime, other videos on youtube, ANYWHERE!

Do I get real money from making videos and uploading in youtube?
You can make real money making and uploading videos on YouTube. You need to keep the videos short, interesting, and gain an audience.

Does watching YouTube cost money?
Youtube doesn't cost anything. You can watch videos, make videos, create an account and not pay a cent. :)

Can hamsters make a YouTube movie?
I'm sure YOU could make a YouTube video of your hamsters, but I don't think hamsters can make YouTube videos by themselves.

Where can you find videos of how to make water glow?
Youtube is awesome with finding videos and junk..

Where can one find videos for Halloween online?
Youtube has a variety of videos involving Halloween costumes. Whether you are looking for ready-to-wear or make-it-yourself, Youtube has a video for you. Ehow is also filled with videos on how to make a Halloween costume.

Should you do YouTube videos at the age of 11?
You have to be 13 or over to make a Youtube account.

How do you make your YouTube account private?
You can't. But you can make your videos private.

Can you make youtube videos shorter?
I have no idea you idiot

What does Justin bieber likes to do?
Make videos for YouTube!

How do you make videos with other youtube videos?
You will need to gain permission from the other YouTube videos' creators. This type of video is considered a compilation and there is a very fine line for using compiled videos under fair use.

Is it normal to watch pooping videos on youtube?
By "pooping videos", I assume you mean YouTube Poops. It's perfectly fine to watch these videos. I know many people who watch YouTube Poops and I watch them too. I even make them sometimes.

How does someone make money posting videos on YouTube?
if your videos are good you can ask for donations of vieweres

How do you make awesome videos for youtube?
you add cool effects/try minecraft videos they rock

How can I get a faster rate of subscribers on YouTube?
Make interesting videos and preferably upload videos often.

How can you make YouTube videos autoplay?
Videos on YouTube can be configured to play automatically. To make them play automatically insert in the embed code right after the video ID the following â??&autoplay=1â??.

What does monetize your YouTube videos mean?
Monetization means that you authorize the presence of advertisements on your videos, and YouTube charges advertisers for these and shares the fees with you, allowing you to make some money from people viewing your videos.

How can you make YouTube videos?
You make a video on a camera or webcam, save it to your computer, make a youtube account, click upload, and follow the directions.

How do you work two ipods on 1 iTunes?
Make sure the "Manually manage music and videos" check box IS CHECKED on both of your ipods. This will take a little more work but then it will not automatically sync and will easily allow you to connect multiple ipods to one itunes - we have three ipods and one itunes at our place.

How can you make a 14-ork?
Go to YouTube, the have excellent videos on how to make it.

Is it illegal to download YouTube videos?
It depends on what types of YouTube videos whether they are copyrighted or not. Downloading copyrighted YouTube videos, yes that is illegal. Downloading sex videos from YouTube, yes that is also illegal. Downloading videos from YouTube that are related to gameplays, airplanes, cars, ships, how to make something, how to operate something and instructions is legal and okay with the law to download. Downloading music videos is depends on the artists if they are known...

How do you make a thumbnail for YouTube videos?
In order to make a thumb nail for your YouTube video you need to be partnered. Meaning you need to get a certain amount of views on each of your videos and a f**k tone of subscribers.

How old do you have to be to make YouTube videos?
Any age is allowed to make a YouTube video. You just need to have an account and verify your age.

What does miley do in her free time?
make videos on youtube with mandy.

How can you put videos on YouTube?
you got to make your own account

How do you make YouTube videos autoplay on Blogger?

How do you make videos 4 youtube?
you record a video and post it......

What do you do if you have a YouTube account?
Upload Videos Make New Friends

How do you make a fake piercing hole?
watch youtube videos

What does Ariana Grande do for fun?
Make YouTube videos! I think...

Is Ray William Johnson still make equals 3 videos?
Of course! Check out youtube videos!

Do you need to be a member if you want to post videos up on youtube?
Yes. You will need to create a channel to upload videos on YouTube. To create a channel you will need to make an user.

Do you need a YouTube account to make viedos?
If you want to post the videos you will need a YouTube account. To make a YouTube account you will need a phone number and an Email address.

What websites have videos about OTK Spanking?
OTK Spanking videos can be found on more than one site on the internet. YouTube has a great collection of these specific videos. Some websites, unlike YouTube, make their members pay to watch videos online.

How do you make a video in YouTube?
You make an account, record a video and there should be a button that transports the video to your YouTube account you should see it then in "my videos"

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