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Understanding SSI Disability And Social Security Disability Benefits

por Rosella Glennie (2019-07-26)

SSI, also known as Supplemental Security Income is a financial program managed by Social Security Administration. SSI disability has been designed to help blind, disabled or aged people of 65 years or more, who do not have sufficient income and resources. This program enables them to receive financial support to fulfill their basic requirements of food clothing and shelter. However, there are certain requirements which have to be fulfilled in order to qualify for SSI benefits. They are:

The first and foremost requirement is that the person claiming for SSI disability benefits should have paid large sums of money to the Social Security Administration for many years.

The second requirement is that the person claiming for benefits should not be employed and must have income and resources less than $2,000 in cash. The Social Security Administration can also consider the income and resources of the person's spouse in order to determine whether he or she is eligible for these benefits or not.

The third requirement is that the person claiming for benefits should have a disability which is expected to last or already have lasted for not less than 12 months.

The fourth requirement is that the person claiming for SSI disability benefits should have such a severe disability that he or she is not able to do his or her previous job or any other job, anywhere.
With increased rate of accidents disability has become quite a common problem among maximum people. Disability prevents people from working, as a result there is no source of income and such a situation makes it very difficult for the disabled person to sustain in the economy of rising prices. However, with Social Security disability benefits it becomes easier for the disabled person to lead a comfortable and financially secured life.

Social security disability benefits program has been designed to provide financial as well as other kinds of help to the people. Here is a list of groups of people who can receive benefits:

People who have already retired,

People who are physically or mentally retired,

Dependence of beneficiaries,

Survivors of dead workers.
However, it is to be noted that social security benefits can be availed by all the groups mentioned above whereas social security disability benefits can be availed only by the groups of people who do not have proper health conditions. If you want to apply for disability benefits then it is advisable consult a disability attorney.

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