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In Spanish what does tienes Facebook mean

por Lourdes Horst (2019-07-27)

215331<strong21<\/strong>03 - 91 9903 810735" style="max-width:430px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">You have facebook. Written as ¿Tienes facebook? it would be "Do you have facebook?" it could also be a statement to people but most likely in the form of a question.

Ex: Tienes facebook? = Do you have facebook?

How do you say do you have a Facebook in spanish?
Tienes un accuenta en Facebook?

What does primos tienes mean in spanish?
what does tienes primos mean

What does que tienes mean in spanish?
"¿Que tienes?" means "what do you have?" (informal)

How do you answer tienes hermanos?
tienes harmanos mean how many brothers or sister you have in spanish

What does buenos tienes mean in spanish?
buenos = good (masculine plural) tienes = you have

What does Que Cuantos anos tienes mean in spanish?
¿Cuántos años tienes? = How old are you?

What is 'Do you have Facebook' in Spanish?
"¿Tienes Facebook?" is a Spanish equivalent of "Do you have Facebook?" Specifically, the verb "tienes" means "(You) are having, do have, have." The personal pronoun "tu" means "(informal singular) you." But it does not have to be used - other than for emphasis or clarification - since the subject is clear from the verb form. The pronunciation is "TYEH-neh-sfeh-sbook."

What does tienes que mean in spanish?
Translation: you have to

What does cuántos años tienes tú amiga mean in Spanish?
"¿Cuántos años tienes tú, amiga?" is Spanish for "How old are you, (female) friend?"

What does tienes mean in spanish?
"Tienes" means "you have." It stems from the infinitive form "tener," which is a stem changing verb.

What does you have mean in spanish?
Tiene / tienen / tienes / tenéis

What does Tienes la ventana mean in spanish?
"do you have the window?"

What does the Spanish word tienes mean?
You have (singular, familiar address)

What does Tienes bien dia mean?
Did you have a good day in Spanish.

What does the Spanish abbreviation Alm. mean?
tienes fotos

What does cuantas clases tienes mean in spanish?
How many classes do you have

What does tienes mas amigos en facebook de los que crees mean?
you have more friends on facebook than you believe

What does cuantas hermanas tienes tú mean in Spanish?
How many sisters do you have?

What does nene que tienes mean in spanish?
"Whats wrong baby?"

What does tienes tu proprio cuarto mean in spanish?
Do you have your own room?

What does tienes seis orejas mean in spanish?
It means "you have six ears".

What does cuantos lapices tienes mean?
It is Spanish and it means, 'How many pencils do you have?'.

What is tienes?
"Tienes" in Spanish, 인터넷바카라사이트 means "you have"

What does que otro gh tienes e mean in Spanish?
go and have another

What does tienes frio en junio mean?
In Spanish it means "Are you/do you get cold in June?"

What does cuantus anus tienis mean in spanish?
¿Cuántos años tienes? = How old are you?

How do you say Anos tienes in English?
The term "años tienes" as a stand alone phrase does not really mean anything in Spanish. On the other hand, "Cuantos años tienes" means 'How old are you?"

What does si tienes msn el mio es mean in spanish?
if you have msn, mine is...

What does Tu tienes mas buena suerta mean in Spanish?
You have more good luck.

What does En que hora tienes almuerzo mean?
¿En que hora tienes almuerzo? = At what time do you have lunch

What does tientes mean in spanish?
"Tientes" has no meaning; it is not Spanish. "Tienes" means "you have". "Dientes" means "teeth". "Tenientes" means "tenants".

What does cuántos años tienes mean in Spanish?
Literally, it means "How many years have you?", but is translated as "how old are you?"

What does adonde vas cuando tienes que comer mean in spanish?
it means: Where do you go when you have to eat

How do you say are you hungry in Spanish?
tienes hambre? ¿Tienes hambre?

What does por que you tienes en amigos mean in spanish?
For some reason 'you' (the English word) is used in place of 'me' (me) in Spanish. This would make the sentence mean: Why do you have me as a friend

What does tienes un jardin detras de la casa mean in spanish?
"Tienes un jardin detras de la casa" translates to "Have a garden behind the house"

What does Tienes deseo de aprender espanol mean in English?
You want to speak spanish actually its better as You wish to learn spanish or You desire to learn spanish

What does- Cuantas clases tienes los martes mean?
How many classes do you have on Tuesdays? is ¿Cuántas clases tienes los martes? (Note that days of the week aren't capitalized in Spanish.)

What does A que hora tienes la clase de espanol mean?
This means "At what time do you have Spanish class".

What does a que hora tienes la clase de espanol mean in English?
What time is your Spanish class

What does tienes una cita con el doctor hoy mean in spanish?
You have an appointment with the doctor today.

What is 'You have me' in Spanish?
' you have me' in Spanish is me tienes

What does tu tengo mean?
That looks a bit like Spanish, but it's not correct Spanish. Two similar phrases are: Tú tienes - you have Te tengo - I have you

What does 'tienes perros o gatos en casa' mean in English?
The Spanish phrase 'tienes perros o gatos en casa' means 'do you have dogs or cats in the house?'

How do you say cuantas mascotas tienes in spanish?
All the number of pets you have. Analyse the example in Spanish: 5 perros soncuantas mascotas tienes = 5 dogs is the number of pets you have. If it's a question: How many pets do you have? ---¿Cuántas mascotas tienes? But be careful, for: "¿Cuántas mascotas tienes? / Cuántas mascotas tienes" is not the same as "cuantas mascotas tienes"

What does tienes mean?
"Tienes" means "you have" or "do you have".

What does que tienes que hacer siempre en la clase de espanol mean?
what do you have to do in the spanish class

What does tienes puesto algo verde hoy mean in Spanish?
It means "you're wearing something green today."

What dose tienes que aprender en algún memento mean in Spanish?
It means "You have to learn some time."

What does osi tienes novio mean in English?
Although not written correctly in Spanish, it means, "Oh yes you have a boyfriend".

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