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Is WikiAnswers owned by Twitter or do they just have a Twitter account

por Ken Gagai (2019-07-27)

WikiAnswers has a Twitter account, but they are not part of the same company.

Do you need Twitter to get Skype?
You don't need twitter but it is better to make a twitter account just before your skype account so that you can use the same name

How do you quit Twitter by my account?
Deactivating your Twitter account has to be done on on the web and not by your phone. Log in to Twitter, click on the person-icon, and click on 'settings'. From there, click on 'deactivate my account' at the bottom of the account settings page. Then, select 'okay, fine, deactivate my account'. The last step is to just enter your password. Your Twitter account will be deleted, as wished.

How do you remove facebook from WikiAnswers?
Click on my settings under the My pages on the left side.Under the option "Connect your account",there will be written "You have connected Twitter to your account. Click here to disconnect accounts" Note that "Click here to disconnect accounts" will be written in blue,so just click on it and your account will be disconnected.

Does Twitter charge you to sign up?
No a Twitter account is free just like Facebook and MySpace

Is Twitter owned by google?
Twitter is owned by the company called Obvious. They don't have many, just Twitter. They operate a blog. It was opened publicly in July 2006 and it's their only international currently. (I got this from Msamogh, answering " Who owns Twitter?") Hope this helps! ☺ ✌ ☮

Do you have to have a Twitter account to get followers?
nope, you just have to be a leader:)

How do you create an account Twitter?
you just press Create new account , and put in your details.

How do you log out on twitter on iPhone 4S?
The only way to sign out of an account is to actually delete it, according to the UI. This is tied into the Twitter integration that was part of iOS 5. To sign out of the account, you need to: Go to Settings Choose Twitter Tap on the account you want to sign out of. Tap Delete Account This does not delete your actual Twitter account, it just logs you out and removes that accounts...

If Helen Keller isn't alive anymore then why does she have a Twitter account?
It could just be a tribute account.

How do you terminate a Twitter account?
HAH! So youre a terminator huh? You just cant terminate twitter accounts, well, except if you want to terminate your account, if you have one. ANND, i dont know how to terminate a twitter account XD So, You cant terminate any account forever. bahahaha!

How can you get back your Suspended account on Twitter?
just make a bran new twitter and put all your friends back on it and your pics

Will Twitter ban you if you buy Twitter followers?
It is against Twitter's terms of service to buy followers and you could get your account banned but generally Twitter will just remove the followers.

How much is it to have an account on
It doesn't cost anything. You just need an email or a Facebook, Twitter or an account like that.

Is Jamie Lunn Marie Spears on Facebook?
no Jamie Spears dont have a facebook account just she have a twitter account and tumblr

Why do you get blank screen when opening your Twitter account?
It's most likely just a glitch. If it doesn't fix itself then contact Twitter Support.

How do you tweet on Twitter?
To tweet on your twitter account, log in to twitter and you should be taken to a page that says, "What are you doing?" Just type in the box whatever it is you want to tweet to your followers and click update.

How do you post a question for lunchtime with smosh?
You have to have a twitter account. I would suggest you follow Anthonysmosh and iansmosh and then their main twitter account smosh. anthonysmosh is normally the one who will tweet asking for twitter question, then you would just reply to his tweet and ask you question. Smosh rule >.

Should you create an account on WikiAnswers?
If you want to contribute to the best of your abilities, then yes, you should create an account on WikiAnswers. However, if your intent is to vandalize WikiAnswers, then do not create an account. But even if you don't create an account we can still ban you so just don't vandalize wikianswers. Also other users can't message you if you don't have an account and you get to customize your own bio page if you...

How do you message someone on twitter from your mobile cell phone?
if you have enternet on your phine just go to your twitter account and you can pretty much talk to who ever you want

Why can't I improve an answer without an account on WikiAnswers?
Signing up for an account allows you to use more advanced features on WikiAnswers. You can't edit questions without signing up for an account because WikiAnswers wants you to sign up and contribute to WikiAnswers. Think of not signing up as a demo version of WikiAnswers - you can use some of the features of WikiAnswers, just to get a feel for WikiAnswers, and we give you just enough so you can figure out how...

How do you copy friends from facebook onto twitter?
I think its not possible to copy friends from facebook onto twitter. I suggest you to just put a link of your twitter account on your facebook wall so that your friend will be aware that you have twitter and may follow you.

Are 1Direction Chat on Twitter One Direction or just a fake account?
One Direction have only one official verified account which is @onedirection All other Twitter accounts relating to One Direction are by fans and not the band.

Why has sammie pennington twitter account suspended?
Just go to the the twitter board like i did , and mines got back right mind you that you have to speak to them with respect and kindness !

How can you participate in The WikiAnswers Community Forum?
You just sign up for a WikiAnswers account, and once you have signed up, you are able to participate in The Community Forum.

Does Emma Stone have a Facebook?
No. She has mentioned in several interviews that she "just couldn't keep up" with a facebook account. She does have a twitter account but she has stopped using it.

How can you improve an answer on WikiAnswers when you don't have an account but you know the info is wrong?
If you don't have an account, you cannot edit the answer. If you know the information is wrong and you want to edit it, just sign up for a WikiAnswers account. It's completely free, so it's worth a shot.

How do you delete all your tweets on Twitter?
You can't just start a new account or do them each manually.

Can you just visit a Twitter acct anonymously?
If the account is not protected then you can view it without anyone knowing.

How old do you have to be to have an account on Twitter?
You don't have to put your age in. You just do your Username Password and Email and that's it.

What is jb jls name on twitter?
He does not have a personal one. The band just have a group account which is @JLSOfficial

How do you get a WikiAnswers membership?
Just join using your Facebook account. If you are not on Facebook, then first join it.

Once a WikiAnswers account is closed can you use that email on another account?
No; WikiAnswers accounts are just renamed, and not deleted. They still remain on the system under an anonymous name, so the email address will still be associated with them.

What is Dylan Sprouses Twitter?
Dylan has been on Twitter for a few months now and Cole has just signed up (Dylan's account - for art only!) (Cole's general account that he doens't really use)

How can I open a 2nd twitter account they just see my original email address and send me to my first account I'm with Gmail?
You can't register 2 accounts with the same email address on Twitter (or any other website, as far as I know)

Can you watch a twitcam without a Twitter account?
You can watch it by just going to the link but you can't contribute to the conversation.

Has Bill Kaulitz a facebook or twitter profile?
No but he does have Instagram in his own name. Twitter is just the Tokio hotel one. The only one in the band who has an account is Georg and that is also Instagram.

How can you get your Twitter verified?
Twitter typically verifies famous celebrities, organizations, and companies. They don't just give out verified accounts. You would need to become famous to get your account verified.

What does the blue checkmark mean by your name on twitter?
It is typically found next to celebrities names. It means their account is verified. Since anyone can create a Twitter account with any username, some people try to immitate celebrities. So, if you find Taylor Swift or the Jonas Brothers on Twitter and they have a blue check mark next to them, then it is really their Twitter. If you see a Twitter that says they are them, but there's no checkmark, then it's just...

How do you improve an answer on WikiAnswers when all you got is a password menu but you never use a password you're just browsing on a friend's computer but you want to improve an answer?
You cannot improve an answer on WikiAnswers without logging in. However, logging in is easy. All you need is a Facebook account and use that Facebook account to sign into WikiAnswers.

Who owns Twitter?
Twitter is owned by the company called Obvious. They don't have many products, just Twitter. They operate a blog. It was opened publicly in July 2006 and 벳이스트주소 its their only international product currently. The latest information on Twitter is that it is a publically traded corportation. The co-founder Evan Williams owns the largest stake in Twitter and the value of his holdings is about $1.2 Billion.

Is thefakejaction really Jackson rathbone's twitter or is it just that fake?
Yes it is his real one. You can tell because his band 100 monkeys follow it as does Kellan Lutz. I hope this helped This is not Jackson Rathbone's twitter. Jackson just stated in a video that he has no facebook, myspace, or twitter accounts. I would imaging the band follows the account to monitor the comments. The only account that Jackson tweets on is the official 100 monkeys music one. He will sign his...

Why wont it let you make an account on wikianswers?
if your on a iPhone like me you would see the sign in at the top right corner and then there will be a place where it says "Sign Up" and click on it, after you have to choose what thing you want to help use this like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace ect.. then you just have to fill out everything else you need to and it should work

Does Kristen Stewart have a WikiAnswers account?
There have been numerous users claiming to be Kristen Stewart, however, when it comes to proving they are the real Kristen, it becomes painfully obvious that they are just looking for attention. There is no indication whatsoever that Kristen Stewart has a WikiAnswers account. and she won't use her time to get an account here and answer questions

What are some twitter account names of the stars?
You can easily find twitter accounts of the stars by simply searching just one famous person.. for example @aplusk is the account of Ashton Kutcher and he is follow by many stars from Hollywood and other important people... just check who's he following and his followers and you will see them... most of the accounts have a blue check sign next to their names, this means that the account is real.

When you follow someone on Twitter can you be anonymous?
To "follow" someone requires a twitter account. Though you can visit their twitter feed without having an account, this, by definition, is not "following" them. However, if you intend to "follow" them, then you can create an account under a pseudonym (false name) so that no one will be able to tell who you are. Do not bother with this if you plan on "following" only one person; in that case, just visit their specific...

Can Nathan Kress drive?
Yes he can. On his twitter account, bruindude92, he stated that he has just purchased his favorite car, a 2010 Camaro.

Does anyone have a free Dragonica online account you can have?
You may not ask for personal account information on WikiAnswers, including names, usernames, or passwords. Do not ask for or provide these. You can just create your own account. It's not that hard; just go to the website and click on registration :/

Why cant you sign in to WikiAnswers?
You can. You have to create a user name and password though, just like an email account. Then you can sign in!

How do you make an WikiAnswers email account?
You can't just make one, they are reserved for supervisors and employees only. This is true.

How do you stop WikiAnswers from texting you?
WikiAnswers shouldn't be texting you. We don't have any mobile application that would send to your phone. Our email could come to your phone (but not by text, just by email phone applications). If you get Facebook or Twitter updates by text, and some of them are from us, those are just posts on FB or Twitter, and you would have to turn off texting in whatever service that is delivering our stuff to you...

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