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Which is correct where are your clothes or where is your clothes and why

por Jaclyn Manzo (2019-07-28)

Where Are Your Clothes' And That Would Be Right Cause It Is The Right Answer To Answer. If You Dont Know Go Back To Third Grade!

Where are your clothes, because clothes is more than one.

How do you spell something to wear is clothes or cloths?
The correct spelling would be clothes.

Is Its a cold weather so put on your comfy clothes grammatically correct?
The sentence 'Its a cold weather so put on your comfy clothes', is not correct grammar and it should be 'It's a cold weather; put on your comfy clothes '.

Can you use the adjective untidy with the noun clothes?
Yes, the term 'untidy clothes' is a correct use of the adjective.

Its a cold sunday weather so wear your comfortable clothes is a correct grammar?
The sentence,'Its a cold sunday weather so wear your comfortable clothes' is not correct grammatically and should be rewritten to be 'It's a cold Sunday; so wear your comfortable clothes'.

How do you spell 'clothers'?
The correct spelling is "clothes."

A person who sells clothes is called?
draper is the correct answer

Correct sensence the clothes smell bad or badley and need to be washed?
The clothes smell bad and need to be washed.

How many pounds of clothes in a 2.1 cubic foot washer?
A correct answer is impossible. This depends on the density of clothes, compressibility of clothes and the recommendation of washer instruction manual.

Is there a correct direction to point the hook of a clothes hanger?
No you can hang your clothes on a hanger how ever you like. It all depends on the person.

Is The people's clothes are burning correct or The peoples clothes are burning?
I would say the people's clothes are burning since the clothes belong to the people An interesting twist to this rule is -- its own -- where anything is belonging to it, its does not carry an apostrophe!!

How do you spell wargrobe?
The correct spelling is "wardrobe" (apparel, or a closet for clothes).

Why is it important for a stylist to have the correct posture?
so clothes fit well

How do you spell wardrope?
The correct spelling is "wardrobe" (clothing, or a storage closet for clothes).

How do you spell brochere?
the correct spelling is brochure. - There were lots of really nice clothes advertised in the brochure .

What does Princeton want a girl to where on a date?
Well, he wants you to speak with correct grammar and 'wear' clothes.

How do clothes come from china to the US?
a cargo boat or a cargo plane either one is correct if you have a test

Is it grammatically correct to say a pair of clothes?
No, it is not. You must be more specific: a pair of shoes, a pair of pants.

Is thrown correct?
Yes, it is correct. For example you could say, I have thrown all my clothes around my room, or my son has thrown his shoes near the kitchen counter. Something like that!

Do everyone in the army were the same clothes?
Correct question is;- Does everybody in the army wear the same clothes? Yes and no. Basic soldiers all where the same uniform, officers have similar uniforms with some differences depending on the rank of the officer. Then they have different clothes for combat situations.

Who is going to put those clothes away is this grammatically correct?
other than the fact that the question should be in quotation marks, id say yes. the questions seems to be grammatically correct

Wedding clothes in the Philippines and what its called?
Maribago blue water im not sure if this is the correct answer but i looked it up and this is what i found.

Does a cold iron help straighten your clothes?
A cold iron is not very effective for straightening or smoothing your clothes. You will get better results using a hot iron on slightly dampened clothes. A steam iron used at the correct temperature for the fabric will give the very best possible results.

Does it take more water to fill your washing machine with the clothes in it already or without the clothes in it?
Modern washing machines have sensors to make sure the amount of water used is correct. If the question is just a theoretical question than the clothes will trap air and so it will be more difficult to fill if there are clothes with as much water compared with filling an empty tub.

What is the fear of overall jeans?
I call it common sense. To be politically correct, the closest answer would be "vestiphobia" which is a fear of clothes in general.

Pronoun in each sentence is used correctly 1 They belonged to dad and grandpa 2 Sam recognized it clothes?
1. "They belonged to dad and grandpa." The personal pronoun 'they' is the correct third person, plural form as the subject of the sentence. 2. "Sam recognized it clothes." The personal pronoun 'it' is incorrect. A pronoun used to describe the noun 'clothes' should be a possessive adjective. examples: "Sam recognized its clothes." "Sam recognized his clothes."

The habit does not make a monk.Is that the correct idiomatic expression?
No, that is a translation of the French form of the proverb. In English we say "Clothes do not make the man."

How do you spell childrens?
The correct spelling would be the possessive children's (children's books, children's clothes) because the word is already plural.

Teacher said daughter wears unclean clothes?
If your daughters teacher said that you daughter wears unclean clothes, ask yourself this. Do you yourself wash the clothes or does your daughter? Maybe your daughter feels lazy and does not want to wash the clothes herself. Or, perhaps, it takes you to long to do the laundry. Talk to your daughter about the situation. If your daughter tells you she does not know why she does this, then ask yourself this. Do you...

What does Hermione Granger wear?
During the series, Hermione mostly wears school uniform and her robes. Outside of classes and Hogwarts she would wear casual clothes. Her clothes aren't usually described. Note, 카지노사이트 that the clothes she wears in the movies cannot be taken as an accurate description of the clothes she would wear in the book as the costumes are more modern than they would be if they were taken from the correct time period.

Can some 1 help me to correct this sentence... They were told to undress to be washed and disinfected?
They were told to undress so their clothes could be washed and disinfected.

What is correct bare weight or bear weight?
'Bear weight' means 'to carry' something. 'Bare weight' means how much a person weighs with no clothes on.

Can a girl dress up as boy george in a 80s party?
A girl can dress up as a boy george ONLY if you where the correct clothes and the correct hair-do and if you wear MAKE UP! Girls I know you have a make up where ever you go so ...

How do you spell drier?
The correct spelling "drier" (less wet) has a variant spelled "dryer". The normal usage seems to be using "drier" to indicate comparative dryness (e.g. drier air), while "dryer" means the appliance that dries clothes (e.g. clothes dryer).

How do you spell where?
The correct spelling of the location is WHERE. This is often misspelled as the word WERE, a past tense of "to be" (was, were). The words that sound like where are wear (clothes) and ware (plural wares : goods).

Is it were laying or were lying?
That depends on the usage. For example, both of these are correct: He had been lying on the sofa for two hours. He was laying his clothes on the sofa while he watched the game.

How much does a family of 5 spend on clothes a year?
The correct spelling is "clothes" and it is variable considering just how much money you desire to spend! Thus one family might well spend but $100 or less, and others might well spend $500,000 or more! Ron

You found here the tooth and clothes of Prophet Muhammad is it correct or not?
Well of course we Muslims believe it could not be true as in them days people used to be moderate of prophet Muhammed.

What is the correct past perfect third-person conjugation for the irregular verb shrink?
shrunk shrink shrank shrunk She had shrunk all my clothes by the time she left.

The heat encouraged the European crusaders to?
develop the habit of bathing, dress in loose fitting robes and cool turbans and discard their woolen clothes. so all answers are correct

When is BARE correct instead of BEAR?
The word "bear" is an animal. The word "bare" means without clothes or to uncover. You would use bare if you were referring to someone without a shirt.

What is the correct grammar Professionally Dry Clean or Professional Dry Clean?
the first one. "professionally dry clean" is the correct answer because many clothes are labled with that expression. Why? because the labels are warning you against using the coin-operated dry cleaning machines that used to be found in laudromats.

Which spelling is correct 'bear in mind' or 'bare in mind'?
The correct phrase is bear in mind. It's "bear in mind." One of the meanings of bear is to hold up or support. The only meanings of bare are in the context of lacking, including lacking clothes, decorations, or enhancements.

What causes a sulfur smell in a clothes washer?
You must have a well, correct? The smell will disappear if you add bleach to the washer loads. Your well water can be treated with filtration, this will eliminate the odor also.

What is the correct term for being afraid of shoes?
There is no official term for the fear of shoes. Technically speaking, since shoes are a type of clothing, it could qualify under the term "Vestiphobia," or the fear of clothes.

What are examples of collective nouns collections of clothes?
Examples of collective nouns for clothes are: a rack of clothes bundle of clothes a closet of clothes a basket of clothes a collection of clothes

Is wardrobe the collective noun for clothes?
No, the collective noun for clothes are: a rack of clothes a bundle of clothes a closet of clothes a basket of clothes

Choose the sentence that has a compound predicate a swimming and golfing are jim's favorite sports b sue and i will listen c sandy washed and ironed her clothes d we went home to eat and study?
Sandy washed and ironed her clothes is the correct sentence. It has a compound predicate because there are two actions, washed and ironed, that tell about the same subject, Sandy.

What do you get a fifteen year old girl for Christmas?
Clothes! clothes! clothes! and more clothes!!

Is it correct to use words dress or dressing for men?
Completely men wear "dress suits" and when they are putting on their clothes they are "dressing" these word have more then one meaning it is dependent on the structure of the sentence and the message you are trying to convey

Where is a correct place to go minimize your risk of being hit by lightning?
Keep away from windows or other open areas. During a lightning storm, try to hide in a clothes closet or other enclosed area.

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