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Microsoft’s Mixer follows Twitch with addition of direct tipping and game sales

por Earnest Hogg (2019-07-28)

Mixing machine, Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, will soon allow its streamers to begin selling games and other down loadable content via its services, and will introduce tipping, the business announced this week in its year-end wrap-up. The game sales will probably be made possible through the new Hot and cold mixer Direct Purchase program, which can be now in testing in advance of a broad, public launch, Microsoft says.

Initially, the program can support all the games in Microsoft’s digital store, including 5, 000 games around Xbox and Windows 15. In the future, it will expand to add other content, as well.

Avid gamers will earn a percentage of the purchases they made through their stream, but Ms didn’t disclose what that percentage will be.

The maneuver is meant to give gamers the ability to further monetize their stations on Mixer, which today falls far behind Twitch and YouTube Gaming regarding monthly active streamers, concurrent streamers and viewers. Players on Mixer simply do not have the potential for the sizable visitors that they do elsewhere, which is the reason more monetization tools are needed.

Twitch, which is owned or operated by Amazon, has presented streamers a way to sell game titles on its site since early 2017, and later presented a way for them to market gambling gear, too, through an Amazon online marketplace Affiliate-like channel extension, "Gear on Amazon. "

Mixer’s other big news is definitely the introduction of a direct tipping feature. Microsoft says that streamers can continue to use exterior tipping services if they choose, but soon, Mixing machine will add a way for enthusiasts to tip directly in Mixer itself, without having to keep the platform. Tipping is also a typical way that livestreaming products and services help streamers make money -- tipping is supported around a variety of sites today, which include Twitch, YouTube and even Twitter’s Periscope.

Mixer also stated the ability to subscribe to specific programs will soon be added to your mixer Xbox app, similar to just how this feature works on web and mobile.

The content detailed other changes and developments to Mixer’s program that took place over 2017, including the launch of the Hot and cold mixer Create app for streamers; a new Mixer app for sbo360 viewing; plus expanded vocabulary support; and the recent intro of a new, dedicated route for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, HypeZone PUBG Channel.

Microsoft as well revealed a Mixer landmark, noting that 2017 was your year where Mixer surpassed 10 million active users for the first time.