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How to Make Modern Popsicle Sticks House - Building Popsicle Stick Mansion

por Werner Slack (2019-07-29)

Building a Popsicle house is a fun and simple way to pass the time. You could build your masterpiece a million different ways, but we've looked into it and have found that the very best one is to start by building four squares with sticks glued to them for the walls. Once that's done, you can build your roof by creating two triangles with sticks glued to them, just like slats. Then comes the best part - decorate to your heart's content!

tumblr_pt0wst5dWp1utoxrao1_640.jpgSome Point of Making a ice sticks House:

Make two rows of 15 Popsicle next to each other, tip to tip. You now have 15 pairs of sticks.

Take one new stick and put glue on the entire flat side.

Place the glued on top of a pair of . The center of the glued stick should be where the two sticks meet, glue side down. Hold the in place while pressing down.

Put glue on the entire second side of the that's glued on the first pair.

Place the next pair of sticks on top of the glued mk, again with the ends of the two sticks in the center of the glued stick.

Repeat steps 2 to 5 until all 15 pairs of Popsicle have been glued down. You now have 30 rows of sticks, alternating singles and pairs. This is one wall.

Repeat steps 1 through 6 until all four walls are made.

Hold one wall upright with a pair of on the bottom. Put glue on one end of the flat side of one of the 15 outer sticks. (Although you have 30 rows, there are only 15 outer ).

Hold another wall with a single on the bottom. Glue the two walls together, 비아그라효능 forming a corner. Press down.

Repeat steps 8 and 9 to attach all four walls. Be sure to alternate between having single and paired sticks on the bottom. You now have a square. You may want to put a large heavy book on the house until the glue dries. This will press the sticks in place.

Cut a piece of cardboard so that it's twice the width of the house.

Fold the cardboard in half and then let it open. You now have a V-shaped piece of cardboard. This will be the roof.

Glue Popsicle along the entire length of the roof.

Glue the roof onto the house after all the Popsicle have dried.

Popsicle sticks are also known as craft sticks, and they are fun to work with. Instead of throwing away your Popsicle sticks after eating ice cream or other frozen treats, recycle them in a variety of craft projects. Making a house out of Popsicle sticks is a fun project for kids, and it costs next to nothing. Take a look at these homemade Popsicle stick house ideas and designs. Building a Popsicle house is a fun and simple way to pass the time.