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Banana in Spanish

por Robbin Earl (2019-07-30)

banana: it can also be called "banana" or "platano"

DpBIHdmVAAAHRwC.jpg%5CHow do you spell banana in Spanish?
Plátano or cambur are both words for banana in Spanish.

share: What is a synonym for the Spanish words la banana?
If you mean banana in Spanish it is el plátano.

share: What is the origin of spanish banana cake?
The spanish banana cake originated in puerto rico

share: How do you write banana in spanish?
plátano. banana

share: What does la banana means in spanish?
the banana I believe the way to say 'the bananas' in spanish is 'los platanos'.

share: What does chincha mean in spanish?
curved banana. Long curved banana

share: How do you say banana in Spanish?
It is the same, banana, or possibly plátano (but used for plantain, a different type of banana).

share: How do you say banana split in spanish?
You say it Banana Split! Who wouldnt known!

share: How say banana in spanish?
The same word "banana" is used in come Spanish-speaking countries; in other places, the fruit is called "plátano."

share: Where does the word banana come from?
The word Banana, is translated from an African Language known as Wolof(Banaana), into potuguese and spanish. (Banana)

share: Where did the word 'banana' originate?
Either Portuguese or Spanish borrowing in the 1590s from the W. African Wolof language: banana.

share: Which country does the word banana come from?
the word banana comes from an Arican word (wolof) and was translated to spanish and portugese : banana. So the word banana comes actually from Africa.

share: What does the spanish name Sofia mean in English?
It means Banana Princess in spanish.

share: Are plantanos Spanish?
Yeah. Platano = Banana.

share: Do you put el or la in front of banana in Spanish?
La because banana ends in 'A' which makes it feminine.

share: What language does the word banana come from?
Spanish and Portuguese.

share: What does El platano mean in Spanish?
Banana or plantain.

share: What is the spanish word banan mean?
banana = platano

share: What is the word plantain in spanish?
Plantain in Spanish is Platano (which is also the same word used for Banana).

share: What are some Spanish fruit words that begin with the letter B?
banano is a Spanish word for banana.

share: How do you say bananas in spanish?
Bananas in Spanish is plátanos. To turn "bananas" would be to "volverse loco". However, a "banana" (the fruit) is also "banana" in Spanish in several countries, like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and others. See DRAE: banana 2. Arg., Bol., Ec., Par. y Ur. plátano plátanos. In Mexico there aren't any bananas, there are "plátanos", as well. It depends upon the country. bananas- plátanos banana- banano

share: What is the difference between the Spanish terms banana and banano?
there is no difference, some people call it "banana" and others call it "banano" but it always has the same meaning

share: What rhymes with banana in Spanish?
Hm, nothing seems to end with -anana, but how about Americana: Me enamore de una Americana porque comia mucha banana.

share: What are some spanish objects that start with the letter b?
bolero bandanna banana

share: How do you spell banana cream pie in spanish?
tarta de crema de banano

share: How do you say i am eating a banana in spanish?
There are a few possibilities for this. A banana can be translated as 'un plátano' or 'una banana'. In addition, I am eating can be said as 'como' or 'estoy comiendo'. One is the present indicative tense and the other is the present progressive. That said, the answer(s) to your question is: Como un plátano. Como una banana. Estoy comiendo un plátano. Estoy comiendo una banana.

share: How do you say go eat a big banana in Spanish?
ir a comer un plátano grande

share: What are goods exchanged between Native Americans and the Spanish?
Native ASmericans to Spanish: Potato, banana, cocoa bean, chili pepper. Spanish to Native Americans: Fine fabrice, guns, horses, smallpox.

share: What country did the word banana come from?
In the English language, the noun banana was borrowed, in the 1590s, by the Spanish or Portuguese from the West African (possibly Wolof) language. The plant itself was imported to the New World from Africa in 1516.

share: Is banana a Spanish word?
Yes, but the preferred word is "platano". It means "plantain" which are similar to bananas but are more popular.

share: When did the banana wars begin?
Between the end of the Spanish/American war in 1898 and the Good Neighbour policy of 1934

share: Why is banana called a banana?
The botanical name for the banana is 'Musa' from Sanskrit 'Moca' The old name of 'Sapientium' translates as 'banana of the sages' a Latinized name of the 13th Century. Saging is the name given in the Philippines. The French and German word is 'Banane, the Spanish and Portuguese is Banana, Greek and Hebrew is Banana, Japanese is Banana. This name, may have been adopted from the Asian word 'Banema and transfers into English as a... Read More

share: How was the word banana created?
It came directly from Spanish or Portuguese, originally from Mande. Sources: New Oxford American Dictionary

share: How did the banana become named the banana?
The word banana (in botany Musa Sapientm: the fruit of the wise men) is of West African origin, from the Wolof language, and passed into English via Spanish and/or Portuguese. The Wolof are thought to have contributed several word to English including: Banana Yam from "to eat food." Hip or hep (e.g., jazz musicians' now cliched "hip cat") "one who has his eyes open".

share: What is the Spanish way of saying banana?
This depends upon the region banano is common in central America while platano is common in Chile

share: What food is roughage stored in?
Roughage are usually stored in green leave\vegetable such as Spanish, beans and even fruits like banana

share: How do you add a picture to a contact on AOL?
well first u banana then banana with a banana and banana the banana wont allow the banana to banana and so the banana goes home and bananas for a banana so wht if the banana doesnt banana he bananas for a banana how do you banana?you dont banana you just banana you little banana

share: What is the definition of cognate?
Words that are similar in different languages. As per Webster´s Dictionary: "cognate" of a word or morpheme: related by derivation, borrowing or descent. Examples: English word: color/Spanish word: color 비아그라구매처 English word: frequent/Spanish word: frecuente Additional examples: banana, banana; fantasic, fantastico; hamburger, hamburgusea; elephant, elefante; dollar, dolar

share: Which is easier to learn after studying English as the only second language - Italian or Spanish?
Well, Italian words are more similar to English, but Spanish grammar is easier for an English speaker. Italian: tavolo is Table in English, but mesa in Spanish. Italian: cane is Canine in English, but perro in Spanish. Italian: ritornare is To return in English, but volver in Spanish. Italian: spendere is To spend in English, but gastar in Spanish. Italian: cercare is To search in English, but buscar in Spanish. Italian: arrivare is To arrive... Read More

share: Whats two Spanish words that are cognates in English?
Some are: el radio= radio. El mapa= map accidental= accidental banana= banana cereal= cereal adulto= adult votar= to vote celebrar= to celebrate el color= color and so on.

share: Example of single user computer type?
banana banana banana banana banana

share: What is the different between a curve banana and a straight banana?
A curved banana is a gay banana and a straight banana is not a gay banana.

share: Is banana is a material noun?
Yes, banana can be a material noun, many things are made with bananas: banana bread banana split banana daiquiri banana smoothie banana flambe banana beer

share: Should Carrefour adopt Wal-Mart's strategy of low prices every day What would be the advantage or disadvantage of such a strategy?
Banana is called banana wat banana banana means banana. there is no other banana y no banana bcoz banana is only banana

share: What foods do gorillas like?
Banana banana banana banana banana Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol

share: What is banana in Serbian?
Banana is banana, fruit.

share: What is 'banana' when translated from English to Italian?
"Banana" in English is banana in Italian.

share: Who is banana and why banana no like squid?
banana is yum yum and squid eat banana

share: What is the banana fraction?
It's a banana cut in to fractions, THE banana fraction is banana land's special banana with lines on it showing fractions.

share: What were 3 technological developments that helped banana entrepreneurs?
Banana is mentioned for the first time in history in a Buddhist text 600 years BC. The existence of an organized banana plantation can be found in China back in the year 200 AD. In the Middle Ages, both Muslims and Christians thought that the banana was a forbidden fruit of paradise the word banana is derived from the Arabic word " finger". Arabian slave traders are credited with given the banana its popular name... Read More

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