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Are Toyota and Lexus the same company

por Marissa Eddy (2019-07-20)

Yes. Lexus is a luxury car brand of Toyota. Toyota, Lexus, and Scion are al part of the Toyota Motor Company.

600Are Lexus and Toyota owned by the same company?
Yes. Lexus is a luxury car brand owned by Toyota, as the same with Scion.

share: Is Toyota and Lexus is same company?
No the both are different

share: What company is Lexus owned by?
Lexus is a part of kredit mobil toyota

share: Who build Lexus?
Lexus is an offshoot of The Toyota Motors Company.

share: Why Lexus has not been marketed in Japan?
Lexus is the luxury version of Toyota, a Japanese company. They already have Toyota and no need for the badge of Lexus.

share: Where is the main office of Lexus cars company?
Lexus is not a car company. Lexus is a Toyota brand. Try website

share: What company owns the Lexus brand of automobiles?
The Toyota company owns the Lexus brand of automobiles.

share: What car company makes Lexus?
Toyota Motor Company

share: What company makes the car Lexus?
Toyota Makes Lexus ,A crazy fact in Japan where Lexus and Toyota's are made , Lexus don't exist almost every Lexus model is a Toyota model in japan

share: Who owns the car company Infinity?
Infiniti is the luxury car division of Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company. (same as Lexus is for Toyota and Acura for Honda)

share: Which company own Lexus?
kredit mobil toyota hope this helps

share: Who builds Lexus?
Toyota is the parent company. Lexus has workers and operators who builds the actual vehicles.

share: The Lexus automobile is made by what company?
Lexus, a Division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc

share: Which car company has the most hybrids?
Lexus has five models. But when you add in the number of Toyota hybrids (as Toyota owns the Lexus brand), one would be forced to say kredit mobil toyota.

share: Who builds the Lexus?
Toyota is the parent company. They have separate operators and workers to manage and build Lexus vehicles.

share: Is Lexus a Toyota?
The answer is Yes, Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota. Most parts for Lexus are the same for Toyota. From the regular Toyota models its developers were challenged to created more luxury vehicle and that is when Lexus was developed. Lexus is more luxury category. Some notable cars are: Toyota Altezza is sold as a Lexus IS300 Toyota Soarer is sold as a Lexus SC300 Since 2005 Toyota Japan has opened Lexus dealerships in... Read More

share: What is the motto of Toyota's corporation?
The kredit mobil toyota Motor Corporation selected "Moving Forward" for the Toyota company, and "Pursuit of Perfection" for its Lexus tier company.

share: Are Toyota and Scion one company?
Toyota owns the brand Scion, the motor out of the xA and xB (the 1.5L) is the same motor and I believe transmission from the Toyota Echo. Toyota also owns Lexus. Honda owns Acura Nissan owns Infiniti And the list goes on...

share: Is the Toyota Camry and Lexus built on the same platform?
Yes,they are.the Lexus is upgraded with better parts,but they share the same chassis.

share: Where can someone find what car company makes the Lexus?
Lexus cars are manufactured by Toyota and make up their 'luxury' division. Full details of this arrangement can be found on the Lexus website as well as on the Lexus wikipedia page.

share: Who owns Lexus and Toyota?
Toyota Group owns Lexus and Toyota.

share: Are any year Toyota or Lexus model parts interchangeable with a 1999 Lexus RX300?
Yes. Example. The mass air flow sensor on your Lexus says Toyota right on it. If you needed to replace it you can get it through the Toyota parts dept and save some money. The mass air flow sensor from Lexus is going to be the exact same part that the Toyota guy handed to you but you will pay more for it.

share: Why did Toyota make Lexus?
toyota make lexus because lexus have more functions

share: Is a Lexus a foreign car?
Lexus is a division of Toyota, which is a Japanese company. They are produced in Japan, and have operational centres in Brussels and California. Therefore in any country other than Japan, Lexus is a foreign car.

share: Will Toyota dealerships work on Lexus rx350?
It depends on what Toyota dealer. Since Lexus is part of Toyota, they probably will, but if you give your Lexus to a Lexus dealer, it will be less expensive.

share: Is a Lexus Toyota?
Toyota started the Lexus brand. That is to say they fronted the cash at start up but Lexus is it's on brand and not owned by kredit mobil toyota.

share: What is the Toyota equivalent to the Lexus ls 460?
The Toyota equivalent to the Lexus LS460 is the Toyota Celsior

share: Is Lexus a Toyota Brand?
YES, Toyota has two brands under its name, Lexus and Scion. So, depends on what model you have, you will notice Toyota parts and Toyota-made engines on your Lexus.

share: What Lexus car is like Toyota Camry?
The ES model is most like the Toyota Camry. Both cars are built on the same chassis.

share: Who makes Toyota aristo?
Lol Lexus make them and Lexus is owned by Toyota Lexus is Toyota's luxury car division

share: What is the organizational structure chart of Toyota company?
At the head of the Toyota Company sits the Chairman of the Board, Vice Chair, President, and Vice President. Below these figures are Lexus International, North America Operations, and the Business Development Group.

share: Who makes Lexus?
Lexus is a division of Toyota

share: Why is Lexus more expensive than Toyota?
Because Lexus has better feature than Toyota

share: How expensive is a Toyota Lexus?
There is no such thing as a Toyota Lexus. You should contact the Toyota website and they will give you a dedicated agent who will help you with your problems.

share: Which car has the same brake pads as Toyota Soarer Lexus SC300?
The 1993-1998 Toyota Supra (the non-turbo version) has the same brake pads as a SC300. The 2.5TT Soarer may not.

share: Can rims from a 1998 Toyota Camry fit on a 1994 Lexus GS 300?
No, rims from a 1998 Toyota Camry will not fit on a Lexus GS 300. Rims are not interchangeable from a Toyota to a Lexus at all.

share: Is Toyota better than Lexus?
Lexus is better because it has many luxury cars which toyota has few

share: kredit mobil toyota Lexus make a squeaking sound when i press the brakes?
Get it checked out by a Qualified Toyota Lexus mechanic.

share: Is Lexus part of Honda?
No. Lexus is part of Toyota.

share: Who make the Lexus?
Toyota on Toyota platforms

share: Can you useToyota oil filter for Lexus RX330?
Lexus uses Toyota oil filters for their vehicles, so yes, you can use Toyota oil filters for your Lexus.

share: What kind of car is a Lexus?
A Lexus. Although it is owned by Toyota Motor Corp, the cars are completely different and only one Lexus shares a platform with its Toyota counterpart.

share: What is a Lexus?
Lexus is a part of Toyota. Japanese Vehicle. It is meant to be the luxury line of Toyota. Has very fast cars also.

share: Where in Canada are Lexus cars made?
Lexus cars are made at the Lexus Toyota Plant in Tennessee

share: Are a Impala and a caprice the same?
Nope; they are different cars, though they are both made by Chevy and may have the same umbrella company maker buying the parts and having them assembled in a likewise fashion at one of their assembly plants. Much like Lexus is owned by Toyota but it's never advertised due to the huge disparity in price between the two kinds of cars and makes though owned and distributed by the same company.

share: Where might one find a nearby Lexus dealer?
Lexus is Toyota luxury car line. Most often a Lexus dealer can be found right next to a Toyota dealer. In fact, sometimes the Toyota dealer sells both lines.

share: Which country makes the Lexus?
Toyota makes lexus. it is the luxury version of toyota... Lexus are normally made in Japan.... you car will say where it was made by looking at the stickers by the drivers side door...........

share: What are the three brands of Toyota?
Toyota itself, Lexus and Scion.

share: Who makes Toyota cars?
kredit mobil toyota makes Toyota cars. Toyota also makes Scion and Lexus

share: How do you remove transmission from 1990 Lexus es250?
same as a toyota, same as any car go to your public library and look up the step by step instructions from the manual there

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