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What Can I Eat Following Dental Implant Surgery?

por Blythe Krug (2019-07-21)

pexels-photo-935789.jpegWhat Can I Eat Following Dental Implant Surgery?
If you’re not far from getting your first dental implant there may be several things keeping you awake at night. While most people worry about the dental implant procedure it’s just as important that you know how to care for your new smile, post-surgery. With this in mind let’s take a look at the type of foods you need to eat while your body heals.

Once the effects of local anaesthetic wear off you’re bound to feel a little discomfort and pain. You may also experience slight swelling and bruising. Although you may not feel like eating, it’s important to start drinking fluids, but not through a straw as the sucking motion can cause dental implant problems such as bleeding. Steer clear of fizzy drinks and alcohol as these can affect the healing process, and drink plenty of water.

Foods you can eat after getting a dental implant

dental implantMany people make the mistake of not eating enough following implant surgery. It’s important to eat highly nutritious foods during the first 2 days, as these speed up the recovery process. You should also stick to a soft diet to avoid chewing.

Foods to consider include smoothies made from a mix of fruit, vegetables, protein powder and yoghurt, scrambled eggs, mashed potato flavoured with cheese, and soup or broths. Be careful with the temperature too – neither too hot nor too cold is best. As an alternative to meat for dinner, why not consider soft flaky fish or a satisfying and filling leek and potato soup.

Foods you can eat after getting a dental implant

dental implantIt’s best to avoid hard foods such as popcorn, nuts, seeds, and boiled sweets, as well as chewy foods like toffees which could get lodged in the implant site, causing infection.

During the next seven days, you can gradually increase your intake of solid foods but at first, try chewing on the opposite side of your dental implant site. Remember it won’t always be like this, and once your implant has fully healed and you’ve received your dental crown, you’ll be able to eat all you can eat glen waverley of your favourite foods once more.

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