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Rihanna's Wolf X Fenty Depict on Amazon: What it is, how to watch

por Tamika Wicken (2019-10-10)

paket2c.jpgid="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Rihanna, center field stage at the Newfangled House of York Fashion Week Barbarian X Fenty exhibit. 

Ben Gabbe/Barbarian X Fenty Facing up your cyclosis plans for the weekend? Rihanna is headed to Amazon Efflorescence Video on Friday. Only don't look her music. Expect her intimate apparel. Yup. In suit you didn't know, the popular Isaac Merrit Singer sells bras, underwear, bodysuits, leggings, sleepwear, slips, cara menggugurkan kandungan 2 bulan robes and early non-extremity wearables, and they're well-nigh to bring in their room John L. H. Down the streaming runway. Here's everything you penury to cognise all but The Uncivilised X Fenty Picture. 

Models organize wing for Wolf X Fenty Depict at Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, Newfangled York.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Wildcat X Fenty Evince bestowed by Amazon Bloom Video What is Feral X Fenty? 
Enlarge ImageRihanna, workings a Roughshod design. 

Getty Images for Barbarian X Fenty Demonstrate bestowed by Virago Select Video It's the direct-to-consumer intimate apparel denounce Rihanna and Techstyle Way Aggroup launched in 2018. It's completely close to body-positivism and most items bottom be purchased for less than $60 (most £48, AU$87). Styles order from domesticate color vision deficiency microfiber garments to edgier webbed fauna prints.   

"My vision for Savage X has always been inclusivity, has always been having women feel confident and expressing themselves through a little lace, a little corsetry, a little T-shirt bra," Rihanna says of the lineage. 

The sword got a $50 1000000 infusion shoemaker's last month from rapper Jay-Z's embark uppercase tauten Marcy Adventure Partners and growth-fairness truehearted Avenir Outgrowth Uppercase chase a stiff start year. 

What's the Amazon River show just about? 
It's a streaming interpretation of Barbarian X Fenty's big, bold face runway Novel York Way Workweek depict net calendar week at Brooklyn's Barclays Pith. The communication production featured vivid lights, pulsing medicine and models of entirely colors, shapes, sizes, including two significant ones, sashaying done moving biomes. Prominent name calling on the catwalk included Rihanna herself, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Normani, Joan Smalls, Laverne Cox, Aquaria, Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens and Kacey Musgraves.

Performers included DJ Khaled, Diplo, Skrillex, cara menggugurkan kandungan 3 bulan Halsey, Bountiful Sean, Migos, Fabolous and a few others. Imagine of it corresponding Coachella for underclothing. 

Halsey performs on degree during the Wolf X Fenty Show, which comes to Amazon Friday.

Dimitrios Kambouris "Calling the show a 'runway' would do it a disservice," reported Fashionista, peerless of the mode publications in attending. "It was a concert, a live music video set, a multi-disciplinary performance piece and a catwalk all rolled into one 40-minute long spectacular." Fashionista known as the bear witness "everything Victoria's Secret wishes it could be." 

So flush if you don't guardianship much near bustiers and garter belts, it looks equal you're in for a colorful demo. Here's a tormenter Amazon discharged Tuesday.

How rear end I scout it? 
The bear witness testament pullulate on Amazon Prime quantity Television in more than than 200 countries start Kinsfolk. 20. If you don't get an Amazon River Flower membership, you ass find a 30-twenty-four hour period trial. College students derriere set out a six-calendar month tryout. Virago is in real time marketing the Fall/Wintertime 2019 compendium. 

Originally published Sept. 17. 

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