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A Journey Through Mexico City's Sex Toy Shops!

por Vito Dewitt (2019-10-11)

One of the best parts about Mexico City is all the superb individuals I get to meet. My friend Maria and I know a large number of individuals who invites us into their stepping grounds, every who shows us to their most beloved places around the city.

One of those individuals is the scandalous Lizzy Voodo, a Mexian model, craftsman and DJ.

Lizzy is a cool cat. She has a goddess style which consolidates rave and obsession clothing. Being alongside her makes you feel underdressed. Now, she's in Berlin this week, carrying on with her life and visiting a wide range of clubs and lounges. But when she was here in Mexico City, we immediately chatter about everything from non-monogamy to anal sex, and she agreed to take Maria and me on a journey through Mexico City's sex toy stores!

Visiting sex stores in different urban communities and nations is a way to let loose. You get an opportunity to visit the city, and you also get the chance to perceive what's up with the sex toy industry in that particular area. Mexico City is the biggest city in North America, so I was intrigued to perceive what the sex atmosphere was. Would it be able to match different urban communities I've been to? Were there any women's activist sex stores there?

All in all, we visited a total of four store: Gold Dreams, Erotika Love Stores, and two whos names were obscure to us (they had no store sign).

Much like the enormous chains here in Guadalajara, all of Mexico City's stores were loaded up with cool toys. Be that as it may, their portrayal in the stores contrasted with the quality items was worrisome. Dangerous toys, butt-plug toys with no bases, and a wide range of shady materials were the principle (and nearly the main) focal point of the stores. The greater part of the toys were ones I had never observed, however that doesn't improve them any than the jam toys we have back here. There were just a little bunch of silicone toys among the choice.

When it came to worldwide name brand sex toys, each store carried a variety of We-Vibe, Fun Production line, Tenga and Lovenese long distance sex toys, however these toys weren't promoted very well. They were usually kept behind the glass ledges, which isn't available to first-time purchasers who simply need to meander around the store without anyone else. To be completely forthright, I relatively missed the brand name toys on most occasions, so I'm expecting the normal Mexican city shopper probably won't be exposed to the best selection.

To wrap it up, I found that the sex stores I visited in Mexico City had some genuine likenesses to the ones we have here in Northern Mexico, in spite of the fact that I do feel that the chains here tend to include the higher quality toys more so than the poisonous ones. It would have been great to see a nearby women's activist sex store there, however until further notice, it appears as though that is an open market.

My exposure to the CDMX sex stores certainly put into point of view how generally the function we do online doesn't convert into different nations nearby economies and business rehearses. Ideally, some Mexican sex bloggers will begin flying in up in the following couple years and work with those stores to enhance them for all customers.

Lillian Gonzalez