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What percentage of kids have video games

por Ivy Ratcliffe (2019-10-12)

more then 90 percent kids are adicted to video games because hey have video games.!!!the 10 percent that don't are mostly smart kids!!are u a smart parent or kids smart watch?if u are stop playing them and limit them.mabey for half a hour?

What is the percentage of kids who play video games in Noosa?
70% play video games

share: What is the percentage of kids grades dropping because of them playing video games all the time?
According to researches, about 46% of kids drop because of video games.

share: What is the percentage of kids playing violent video games?
Define violent.

share: Percentage of kids who participate in playing video games?
There are tons of good games out there now, so I would say over 75 percent of all the kids in the world play video games.

share: What is the percentage of kids that don't play violent video games?
20 cause these kids these days are super addicted to violent games :/

share: What is the percentage of kids who play violent video games?
61.7 percent of children play shooting and or violent games

share: What percentage of kids who play violent video games get addicted?
Probably over 65%. Most kids these days play video games (this includes violent ones) all day, unless they have school, so that makes the percentage a lot higher. I personally think two hours a day is the most kids should play video games, but others may think differently. Hope I helped! :)

share: Are video games good for kids?
Well it depends on what kind of video games are the kids playing with and how long you use the video games. Some types of video games are for kids not all.

share: What percentage of parents play video games with their kids?
I don't know. I'd say not many. I haven't seen any parents that play video games with their kids yet. They have other important things like going to work, cooking, or cleaning the house.

share: Do bad kids play video games?
Yes some bad kids do play video games but there are nice kids also.

share: Do kids choose video games over homework?
Most kids would choose to play video games, instead of homework.

share: How many kids play video games?
Many Kids play video games because it is entertaining. Computers are not a video game, its an Internet site and tool. I believe there are about 10,000 kids playing, but I'm not quite sure.

share: Why are kids atracted to video games?
Once kids have played a video game it has become tempting to play it again in less than 24 hours. Video games can teach kids valuable skills but this doesn't mean that they are not adicting.

share: Why don't little kids play video games?
Because little kids games suck.

share: Why do kids play games?
Because Video Games are Awesome!

share: Does video games make kids dumb?
No, some video games actually make you smarter like Minecraft. It is all about building and takes survival skills to play. Some moms think video games rot your brain. Kids think video games are awesome and fun. That is also what I think.

share: Should violent video games be banned or not?
No, violent video games teach kids about life and how it is and how it will be in the modern age...

share: What are advantages and disadvantages of video games?
video games advantages:- kids enjoy it not so effectful if played for 2 hrs and less disadvantages:- Bad for eyesight kids get addicted to it

share: Are hand held video games bad for kids with ADD?
It has been proven that hand held video games couse no harm to kids with ADD, even with excessive play

share: Do video games make kids more violent?
Not all video games some do educational games would be the best choice for children. Shooting games would make kids violent though. I suggest you choose educational.

share: What percentage of Americans play video games?
it says on Google, that 69% of American households play video games.

share: What percentage of online video games are free to the public?
It is impossible to come up with an exact percentage of online video games that are free to the public. There are many different venues for video games, and it would be impossible to find out exactly how many of those venues offer gamers free games.

share: Why can't people play video games at school?
Because teachers think that video games are stupid. They didn't even have even half as fun video games when they were kids.

share: Why are video games bad for kids?
video games are bad for kids smartwatch with gps they aren't the best at any cause they will possibly give you brain damage, lack of exercise , and make you over weighted

share: How many kids would rather play video games opposed to reading?
Probably about 75% of kids would rather play video games _____________________________________________________ I play video games alot and im 11, but i like to read, and usuly my mom tells me to stop reading and to go play a video game.

share: Is halo made for kids?
all video games are made for kids, but the rating are for people who think their kids will be influenced by these kids

share: Do more kids play video game or sport?
In the U.S., video games are played for more person-hours, by kids, than sports are.

share: What has the author Hilarie Cash written?
Hilarie Cash has written: 'Video games & your kids' -- subject(s): Video games and children, Video gamers, Psychology

share: How many kids are addicted to video games?
that would be 99999999 kids all around the world

share: Does Mario do it with princess peach?
NO! He can't do it with Princess Peach because the video games are 4 kids & if kids see that they will not buy the video games & Nintendo game selling rates will go down. So NO

share: What are ways to get kids off video games?
pull a prank and make them scared of the video game

share: Why physical games are better for kids than video games?
So your not fat and you have friends

share: What percentage of people don't play video games?
35% of people don't play video games because they like to play boring boad games

share: How many video games are for kids?
If by kids you mean ages 3 to 10, there are a lot of games for that age group. Games for kids include almost all of the games with Disney characters, Nintendogs, Katz, Dogz and so on.

share: Are video games violent for kids?
It depends on what genre it is, or if it is to graphic.

share: What is the problem with kid's playing violence video games?
Because if little kids play violent video games when there young they might copy it.

share: Do violent video games influence kids to do the same things that are on those video games?
sometimes well most of the time if there under 12

share: Why do video-games keep kids smart watch from being active?
When kids play video games they can't get away from it because of the fun they are having. Its hard to get them away from it. You just need to show them what they could be doing that is more fun outside than on a video game.

share: What percentage of people play video games?
65% you nerds

share: Why do video games want to keep kids out of bed?
It keeps kids out of bed because they want to get played with.

share: Why are video games making kids fat?
Instead of exercising, they just sit there and play their video game.

share: Are video games bad for children?
nope most games actually teach kids stuff

share: Why kids are not available to play violent video games?
Because they are to small to play violent games

share: Why are kids choosing to buy video games to play than board games?
Because when kids first play video games, they are most likely to enjoy it, and get really into a game, once they have completed a game, they will want to buy a new game as they will now be bored of the last game, at this point they are addicted, video games can be considered one of the most addictive "drugs" i know this as i am 14 and have been playing video games for... Read More

share: Do violent video games make kids more violent?
Studies have shown this to be proven false. Video games do not make children more violent.

share: Why are video game good for kids?
Video games are not good for kids. Even though im a kid,I dont think they are good for kids,but they play them for entertainment.its ok, but after 1 hour it can hurt your eyes.

share: What were games kids played in the 1970s?
Monopoly, Scrabble, Rook - board games because they didn't have video games

share: How do violent video games distract kids from education?
well like my brother kids will copy the and talk about it at school

share: What percent of kids choose video games over homework?
In the US, about 94% would choose video games over homework. ( I would too as a kid!)

share: Why do kids that play video games react quicker?
Because the video games heighten their senses and makes them more alert because they think they are still in the game.

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