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iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: What iPhone should you buy?

por Kevin Prieur (2019-10-18)

m8c7Ate25XpiU5zG4ecrnH.jpgid="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Starting at $749, £749 and AU$1,229, the iPhone XR is one of the few options you have if you want a big-screen iPhone but don't want to pay upward of $1,000 for Geekbench Scores an iPhone XS or Max. Its key features include Apple's advanced A12 Bionic processor, wireless charging and a camera that's on par with the iPhone XS  -- without an extravagant price tag. 

But 2017's iPhone 8 Plus, which starts $50 less than the XR at $699, £699 and Samsung Geekbench AU$1,149, is also a fantastic phone. It sports a classic iPhone design, complete with the familiar physical home button. Indeed, Geekbench Scores despite being an older model, the phone has many of the same advantages as the XR. (You can save $100 more too if you consider a refurbished model for $599.) 

To help decide which phone is right for Samsung Geekbench you, I dive into the two phones' designs, cameras, hardware features and Geek bench antutu price to see what phone fits what needs the best.