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Endometritis Thickening -- Postmenopausal Women in Particular Should Pay Attention to

por Carmel Billingsley (2019-12-26)

Endometritis thickening is a type of gynecological disease with high incidence, which can occur in both younger women and postmenopausal women. What's worse, due to its special nature, it is considered to have a certain tendency to cancer. So if it appears, in general, women should attach great importance. And postmenopausal women in particular, if there is a thickening, it's much likely to develop into cancer. Therefore, postmenopausal women in especial should pay attention to it. more than 4mm during menopause--wary of endometrial thickening

Endometrial thickness is constantly changing, for menopausal women, it's in the normal range between 1-3mm by ultrasonic inspection. Generally, endometrium of 4mm in postmenopausal is regarded as the boundary line of abnormal thickening. If more than 4mm, further examination is needed to rule out the possibility of malignancy.

Postmenopausal endometrial thickening-- huge possibility of malignancy

Due to the declining of estrogen in menopause, the endometrium is no longer stimulated by estrogen and then progressively shrinks. But at the same time, it is still affected by physiological or environmental factors, such as infection or tumor, and then starts to thicken.

On the basis of statistical data, the probability of malignancy can reach 16.4% among the postmenopausal patients whose endometrial thickness is more than 4mm , which really accounts for a quite large proportion.

For patients, it is necessary to carry out a diagnostic hysteroscopy or curettage to rule out malignancy, and then to receive a positive treatment. For the treatment, Western medicine often adopts hormone drugs or surgical curettage and some other methods.

In Chinese medicine, doctors often suggest drugs with function of improving blood circulation, detoxification and other effects. For instance, patients can take orally Fu Yan pill. It can play a therapeutic role in endometrial thickening. Of course, here we mainly talk about the thickness with no malignant uterus. Otherwise, the treatment is an another matter.

Endometrial thickening in fact, whether it is for postmenopausal women or younger women, it can be greatly harmful and there is a certain possibility of malignant transformation. But by contrast, malignancy is more likely to happen in postmenopausal women. That's to say, postmenopausal women in particular should pay attention to thickening endometrium. Young women appearing thickening symptoms, can also timely adopt above mentioned Western medicine or Fu Yan pill and other methods for treatment. With early cure, you do not have to worry about malignancy!

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