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Nintendo's snap-on Switch Lite case arrives in the US on December 8th

por Lavina McDonagh (2019-12-30)

-text c-gray-1" >There are already a number of good Switch Lite cases available, but Nintendo might just have one more. The gaming giant has revealed that its previously Japan-only Flip Cover & Screen Protector will be available in the US on December 8th for $40 through online stores, and at retail in early 2020. As you can see, the snap-on case focuses on safeguarding your Switch Lite with a minimum of bulk. There aren't spaces for cartridges, power adapters or other accessories, but that might not matter if you either have spots for those in a bag or just want to keep your system safe.

If there's a disappointment, it's that the case is only available in gray fabric. Your Switch's bright colors will be hidden until you're ready to play. It still beats having to endure a scratched screen or a scuffed casing, and the minimalism might be a positive if you don't room for much more than the Switch Lite itself.

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