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Video Portals

por Dian Houchens (2019-12-31)

Video Portals are actually web sites that offer user-designed or professionally designed video content.

Few video portals proffer videos in 320 x 240-pixels, whereas other portals offer big video format including 640 x 360-pixels for widescreen display and 480x360-pixels for normal display.

Several video portals make use of Adobe Flash Player, whereas others use RealPlayer or QuickTime and Windows Media Player.

Devices such as Netgear's Digital Entertainer or Apple TV that have the capability to transfer video files from Internet via TV screen causes an increase to the videos size, both in duration and definition.

Users prefer most of the videos that last for just five minutes over portable equipments such as MP3 players, video game consoles, cell phones, or PC.

Highlights of Video Profit - Make money guide Portals

1. Extensive connectivity using any kind of mobile or fixed video-enabled tool simultaneously, which includes Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) phones, H.323 & ISDN devices, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and 3G-324M handsets

2. Content management and access facilitates services and content from various content providers

3. Increased user experience with video portal showing many recorded or live video feeds. In addition, text overlay allow subscribers to navigate efficiently and quickly to the coveted location

4. Secure and safe, access is password protected

5. Customizable and flexible application that allows customization of distinctive and branded services

6. Developed and innovative multimedia capabilities

7. Complete incorporation with back-end schemes including billing, operations, management, provisioning, and certification.

Many video portals render their earnings through advertisements. At present, several advertising formats are related to online video portals including various branded channels.