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BitTorrent's live TV network streams to iPhones

por Nam Winn (2020-01-02)

-text c-gray-1" >BitTorrent's Live video streaming experiment is ready to go wherever you do. The peer-to-peer app is available right this instant on iOS, and, as you might expect it's 100 percent free. As with the Apple TV app, there isn't a lot to choose from as far as viewing material goes, however.

If you're a fan of DJ music, there's a channel for that (Clubbing TV), in addition to NASA TV, pro rugby, a handful of news stations and a few others. Our friends over at This Week in Tech have a channel as well. In my brief tests, video quality looked good and audio, something that streaming services can have a hard time with, was solid on Clubbing TV. There were a few hiccups here and there where sound dropped out for a fraction of a second, but the cuts were few and far enough between that I wasn't tempted to change the station.

Since it's free, you're not out anything for giving it a go yourself. Aside from some battery life and data, of course. Who knows, maybe you'll find something to like. Anything's possible!

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