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Four simple steps to get started with twinking in PvE or PvP

por Lyle Rodriguez (2020-01-09)

What's more, the blue post is rather wooly as far as what brackets exactly will be affected. They state "low-level", does this mean up to 60, up to 70, or perhaps it refers to every bracket that isn't max level. Any of those options would make sense, it's hard to tell exactly what's meant in this context by low-level, and regular interpretations could result in anything.

Level 70 gear is purchaseable very cheaply for honor, while level 80 gear shows a huge increase in cost and is unfavorable at best compared to Cataclysm greens. However, there is a point where the resilience gains from PvP gear outdo the damage gains from the greens. For PvP, the best gear is the best gear! There are several guides available to getting the best gear, such as this forum thread. Because of this, the elevated stats on some PvE gear can be preferable to PvP gear to maximize damage output. There is an interesting choice to be made between going for resilience versus damage, with resilience gear being fairly widely available at the moment, but a distinct lack of PvP Power to cut through it.

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The brackets where it would be most needed, in my opinion, are the very low-level brackets. Once you reach 60, it seems that classes even out, and there isn't such a gulf between the four levels, but if Blizzard's team has access to this technology, then why not roll it out across the board?

As with anything, make sure you do your own independent research. With that said, Gold Secrets Guide is a quality guide and I give it a thumbs up. There are other quality gold guides out there, Valkor's Gold Guide and WoW Tycoon come immediately to mind and are worthy of your research.

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Now, no leveling guide, for WoW or any other game, will be a magic pill that will poof you right to 70. It won't get you leveled to 70 in mere hours of in-game time, since you still have to deal with all those monsters. It will, however, show you a well thought out, fast and efficient path that will get you leveled in as little time as possible. Even if your game time is limited to a few hours per week.

-text c-gray-1" >I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept of "twinking" in WoW for PvP. It generally entails decking a low-level character out with all the best possible gear available to them and then tearing up the battlefields. In these post-experience locking days twinking is more straightforward than ever, and our own Olivia Grace has already covered a lot of the gearing aspects of twinking, for both PvE and PvP.

If you locked at 20, by the time you get partway through Ashenvale, Wetlands, Duskwood, or Hillsbrad Foothills, you may have needed to turn experience on again to survive the quests. Thus, level 30 or so is another good time to lock experience. Make sure to take a look at your toon's early-thirties abilities and see if there's something worth learning before you make the trek to Behsten or Slahtz. Some classes may want to wait until a little later depending on when certain abilities become available-at level 32, for example, hunters gain Feign Death and monks learn Spear Hand Strike, both useful for solo content. All of these zones, but especially Ashenvale, can easily carry you through to level 30, even though they're listed as 20-25. If you're not careful, you can level yourself out of their followup zones, many of which are definitely worth seeing.

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Alliance-side, I especially recommend locking at 20 for night elf, worgen, and draenei players, because Darkshore is worth experiencing in its entirety at least once, and Ashenvale remains one of the largest and quest-heavy low-level zones. Horde-side, Silverpine is a zone you don't want to miss, and early Hillsbrad Foothills has many player favorite quest chains such as Welcome to the Machine and the Plants vs Zombies-style challenge. Level 20 is probably the absolute earliest you'll want to consider experience-locking for PvE purposes, and the reason why is easy - ground mounts. With access to a ground mount exploration and questing will be much quicker and less painful, and this is especially nice in the more sprawling zones. Westfall and Redridge are also fun, and introduce lore figures Vanessa VanCleef and Colonel Troteman (whom we meet as Marshall Troteman in Mists of Pandaria). At level 20 you'll still have access to the lowest-level dungeons (Ragefire Chasm and The Deadmines) in the dungeon finder, too, so you can take your time to enjoy them.