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Sri Lanka SIM Cards

por Kaylee Simson (2020-01-10)

Sri Lanka SIM Cards

When you visit Sri Lanka, you always need to rely on technology and smartphones because it will guide you around and provide you with some amazing results. Not only does this make it easy for you to communicate with friends, but you can also have roaming. However, roaming can also be a problem, as many times you end up overpaying for some simple and menial calls. The same thing happens with data, you end up consuming too much data and that will translate into a lot of money spent on it. These are obviously things to avoid, as no one really wants to spend a ton on consumed Wi-Fi data.

What do you need to buy Sri Lanka SIM Cards?

There are some requirements to keep in mind here. When you arrive at the airport you can buy Sri Lanka SIM Cards, but you need to provide the passport, sign the contract and pay $10 to the operator. They will give you the SIM connection and a SIM card, which means you will not have the local number. You can easily activate it right at the counter.

The thing to note about SIM cards you acquire this way is that tourist cards are limited to 30 days of validity. You can eventually extend the contract, but you have to go back to the resellers. IN case you can’t find Sri Lanka SIM Cards at the airport, you can go to a mobile service provider office or a communication center. This will help you a lot and you get similar benefits.

What are you getting from such a SIM card?

You will notice they are offering some interesting benefits. For example, you will have incoming calls and messages for free. Direct international dialing is available, the local calls are very affordable and you can also have your own mobile data plan. If you have any issues concerning in which and how to use sim cards in sri lanka, you can make contact with us at the webpage. Although it makes a lot more sense to rent travel WIFI to Sri Lanka because it allows you to acquire way more data without a problem.

If you’re worried that your phone will not work in Sri Lanka, don’t be. Most Apple devices work in here without a problem, and you can use tethering to connect to the Internet. However, don’t unlock an expensive smartphone in Sri Lanka as that might bring in a hard lock and that can be a problem.

Types of Sri Lanka SIM cards

You can buy the Mobitel, Dialog, Airtel, Etisalat and Sri Lanka Hutch SIM cards. All of these are very helpful if you are a tourist and you will end up getting a lot more value than using roaming. Sometimes the roaming process will not be as unique and convenient, and that’s why you really want to push the boundaries and figure out what option really helps bring you the results you need.