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When it comes to bowls and dishes to feed your cat, there are hundreds of options to fiddle through

por Hannah Kifer (2019-11-14)

When it comes to bowls and dishes to feed your cat, there are hundreds of options to fiddle through. Cats can eat their kibbles from bowls as well as drink water from them. Most people buy these feeding bowls as soon as their furry friend grows big enough to eat from them. With kittens, you won't face many problems while feeding. However, when they grow up, they become notoriously fickle eaters. Improper feeding can make your feline friend feel stressed, and they can exhibit negative behavior. Unlike popular belief, choosing a feeding bowl for your cat isn't a simple task. This topic will shed some light on the subject.

EV YAPIMI SA\u011eLIKLI KED\u0130 MAMASI TAR\u0130F\u0130 - YouTubeAvoid plastic bowls: Plastic utensils are an absolute no-no for your mewing buddy. When you buy cat bowls, you should maintain your distance from anything made of plastic. Oil and bacteria accumulate around the plastic material's scratches. It can cause cat acne, which you can recognize as those black dots on the creature's chin. You should always choose steel or ceramic bowls for your feline friends.

The depth: All cats like relatively shallow dishes and utensils. If they stick their face too deep, then the edges of the bowl can cause them discomfort. Some cats are sensitive to the feel of the dishes on their whiskers. They don't find it comfortable, and they may even try to pull the food out with their paws. Besides, their animal instinct forces them to check out their environment while eating. So, you should Buy cat bowls that aren't deep.

Different food bowls: Cats are of various species, and they have different physical features. For instance, a Persian cat has a flat face. They will feel a bit easier to eat their food from an elevated bowl with a slight angle on it. Therefore, you need to consider the physical characteristics of your cat and purchase different dishes if required.

The placement: Cats can be exceptionally fickle-minded when it comes to food and feeding habits. Therefore, advance kedi mamasi apart from what you give them, you need to consider where you will place the bowls. Since you won't eat anywhere near your toilet, you shouldn't put your cat's bowl close to the litter box. Place the dish in private areas where no one will bother the cat when it eats.

Hygiene standards: You should never forget to wash your cat bowls with soap and water regularly. Some dry cat foods tend to be oily. Naturally, bacteria can accumulate and make the surface smelly. If you serve wet cat food, then you must wash the bowls after every use.
Go beyond

A hunter is hiding inside every feline animal. Your cats need to follow its instincts from time to time, or frustration will grasp it. You can unleash their hunting potential by purchasing food puzzles. These playthings can enhance the cat's intellectual prowess and thinking power. They also act as mental and physical stimulators. Of course, you can also create a few puzzles by yourselves. For example, put dry cat food inside a PVC pipe and connect it with a few others and create a tunnel. If you mix things up, then your cat will enjoy it too.

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