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Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV appears in the wild with a $69 price tag

por Jonna Hinkler (2019-11-23)

Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV appears in the wild with a $69 price tag
The latest Google-friendly set-top box supports 4K video, HDR content, and includes a Bluetooth voice remote.
A savvy buyer spotted the forthcoming Xiaomi Mi Android TV box for sale at a Wal-Mart recently, even though the company still lists the set-top box as "coming soon" on the promo page.
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Not only did this quick-thinking individual grab some pictures of the merchandise, he also uploaded an unboxing video to YouTube. Nicely done.
The $69 price makes it a pretty tempting offer, considering that Xiaomi says the Mi Box will stream in 4K, display HDR content, and support both a Bluetooth remote with voice commands and a game controller.
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That price also matches the rumors of an alleged Chromecast Ultra that would offer 4K streaming, all the extras that would come from a dedicated Android TV box may be something to consider.

Why this matters: Android TV hasn’t taken off at the level of Chromecast, but the platform is getting more attention with dedicated apps and a growing games catalogue. With the demise of the Nexus Player, Xiaomi may have the ideal low-cost option for those thinking of checking it out.
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