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The Best iPhone Apps for Halloween

por Maura Rios (2019-11-23)

The Best iPhone Apps for Halloween
With the spookiest time of the year just around the corner, why not get yourself into the spirit with some of the best Halloween apps available. From pumpkin carving to trick or treating, take the festivities even further by downloading some great Halloween iPhone apps. So let the frightful fun begin!
The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself
Ever wondered what you look like as a member of the Walking Dead? Let your thoughts turn into reality with this fun app.

Snap a selfie or upload one from your camera roll, then away you go. You can edit it by adding zombie eyes, mouths and other props from the Walking Dead. After you’ve spooked yourself out, you can spook out others too by sharing this on social media platforms - and it’s all completely free!
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Halloween Spooky Sound Box!
Play up to 50 creepy high-quality sounds and be sure to spook out the trick or treaters this Halloween season! Featuring scary sound effects, spooky music, ghostly voices and many more. This is a great app as it requires no internet connection so you can play these sounds anywhere. You can put the spooky tunes on a loop, so it’s fun to have at a Halloween party or by the front door for trick or treaters - Horror and Halloween lovers will love this app!
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Halloween City
Rule your own Halloween City this October. The app allows you to crossbreed different characters from Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies, and you get to see the outcome. Decorate your spooky city, collect coins to level up and unlock more items. You can even share your city with friends - this app is free to download and great fun for everyone.
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Sara is Missing (SIM)
Moving away from the simple, fun and easy Halloween apps leads us to one that puts you into detective mode.In Sara is Missing, you find a missing phone which is on your phone displaying Sara’s texts, alerts, photos etc.

It is your chance to immerse yourself in Sara’s world, rummaging through her phone to try piece together her final moments. Unlock password-protected files and decrypt lost data to figure out where she went, what she did and how she disappeared -This is a thrilling app for those who love puzzle games and solving mysteries.
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Get yourself in the Halloween spirit the right way with some of these fun Halloween themed apps available on iOS devices. Make the most of all the traditional festivities by indulging in these games.

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Happy Halloween from us at ASDA Mobile!