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Consumer spy software, does it work?

por Noah Miltenberger (2019-11-25)

A significant increase in the number of software over the years

Between 2005 and 2015, spy softwares for use by general public increased dramatically.
To such an extent that the market for spy software (so to speak, of the spy, as these programs are increasingly found on mobile use) quickly became saturated.


Spy softwares: Beware of scams

Even if some of these software programmes work well, more or less, the overwhelming majority of them are scams, forcing the user to access a fictitious download, or simply a virus.
This is the case, for example, with Webdiac and Masterkeylogger, sites that are starting to become obsolete but finding a way to stay ahead in the Google rankings in a thematic search.

These sites were created several years ago and bet on the cracks of the indexing of the search engines to position themselves at the top of the results. Massive linking strategies are used such as disguised ads in forums, buying redirecting, penalising competitors by duplicating content etc. Even today, Google is struggling to bring these sites down in the ranking as their excellent "e-reputation" of yesteryear guarantees them a golden pedestal in the ranking.


Individuals are particularly affected by these "spy softwares"

There are a few hundred complaints per month on an average, as part of the spy software scam from users who have paid to end up with nothing at all.

Estimates of the number of cases including those without complaints would be in the order of several tens of thousands per month; when we know that some sites extort up to $200 for an imaginary software, we will let you imagine the financial size of this market.

But then, do "real" spy softwares exist?

Yes. Not all of them fulfil the same functionality, but a lot of spy software is available to the general public. A clue to finding them: most offer a free "light" version of their product to allow you to test it, and then buy the paid version.

Beware of websites offering a trial period because you will be forced to pay at the end of this period to continue using the software.


Spying is on the rise among the general public

With the rise of computer technology, it is difficult to control the increase of budding spies among the private individuals.

Jealous husbands who spy on their wives (when it is not the other way around), supervising the PC activity of children, or simply spying on someone unknowingly in order to discreetly extract information such as keystrokes, sites visited etc: all reasons are good for intruding into a person's private life.


My advice for you !

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