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por Yvette Symon (2019-11-25)

Have you ever wondered why nowadays, fewer and fewer people are willing to spend less time on reading stories or novels? And yet, more and more people are eager to spend hours and hours playing video games despite most of them being grindy and repetitive. Our education system is very good at generating more writers than ever before. But ironically, we do not have enough readers to cater to such rapid growth. The role of literature in the modern world should go beyond making people appreciate the beauty of words since images and visual effects do better in capture people's attention in an instant. Rather, the role of literature is about promoting interaction, building connection which is a desperate need against the sense of isolation which is prevalent in the modern age of technology. I believe that the internet is the most suitable medium for literary development despite many who think otherwise.
Every writer wants a feedback. But rather than expecting other people to comment on his/her work, the writer should pick the habit of reviewing others first. After all, the writer is the one who played a far more active role that the reader. A platform is definitely needed to provide incentive for writers to do so and I believe present technology is possible for such platforms to occur. For example, while submitting a comment, the writer can at the same time use a small icon as an indirect request for feedback as well as embedding a literary work which he/she wants to receive feedbacks from. Other writers would receive the notifications and would respond immediately as requested.
There fore, reviews, I believe, are the part and parcel of a literary work, not the content alone and not only do they offer different perspectives for first-time readers but also offer incentives for the author to improve on his/her writing. Interaction is vital for creative juices to flow. Great writing can occur through the process of building great network among writers. After all, writing together is far more easier and more fun than writing alone. So try out right now to boost your drive for writing.