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Thailand Welcomes You For Happy and Healthy Surrogacy

por Eduardo Krueger (2019-12-01)

Is Surrogacy a simple process? Generally, we get different opinions. Some may quote easy, some complex. But, experienced parents, who have a child through surrogacy in Thailand state it is magic and very simple to have a child through Surrogacy in Thailand.

personYes, Surrogacy in Thailand is hassle free, Thai laws are wide open to people from all over the world. And its fertility industry's competitiveness in providing services, has been alluring prospective parents from different parts of the world.

Surrogacy in Thailand is a boon to prospective parents, who belong to countries where commercial surrogacy is proscribed. And with the mounting cost of IVF procedures in the US, UK, Canada, and some other countries, the Thai's low cost treatment encourage the hope of would-be parents.

Thailand famous for its Beaches, Buddhist temples and World heritage sites, has been entertaining the tourists for a long time. Now the rise in Medical tourism, low cost IVF procedures offered by Fertility clinics and cheap travel deals offered by Travel companies, most of the Infertile parents are opting Thailand as a destination for Surrogacy and Fertility treatment.

As it is a lengthy process involving a complex legal system in many countries, and expensive medication added to it has been an obstacle for the prospective parents. At this juncture, Thailand's Ethics Committees of Fertility Clinics, stands as a ray of hope for infertile parents.

Surrogacy in Thailand encourages childless couples to have a child through surrogacy. At present, there are no laws to allow parents to the intended parents post the delivery of the child. Surrogate and her husband are legal parents to the child. Legally it is possible for intended parents to get parental rights, once the Surrogate mother renounces her childcare. Through a single legal procedure care of a child can be attained.

Upon, a declaration of Surrogate giving up her rights to Child, then legal custody of the child is given to the prospective parents. Legal agencies in Thailand would advise you in each and every aspect of it so that everything must be implemented according to Thai Law.

Thailand Surrogacy laws support infertile couple, Single man, Single woman, same sex couples. Embryo transfer to Surrogate mother may consist of donated eggs and Sperm of the intended father, sometimes Surrogate may serve as an egg donor, through this type of prospective parents are genetically linked to the child. This whole system of Surrogacy is done through ART (Assisted reproductive technology).

The range of services provided by Thai fertility includes, Surrogate Mother, Egg donation, IVF procedures with clear guidance from the ethics committee. To become a Surrogate Mother in Thailand, the aspirant must be healthy and should have given birth to a child earlier, the committee will clearly examine the record of Surrogate mother.

Thailand attracts people not only with its scenic beauty, but also with world class services provided by the medical tourism industry. The whole system of Surrogacy would cost around 15 to 20 thousand dollars in Thailand which is 1/3 the amount being spent in the USA and several other advanced countries. Comparatively you get similar or better service in Thailand than what you see in the other countries with low cost.

Wee Mary is a co-founder of Wee Care Surrogacy based in India and thailand porn medical. She has Surrogacy baby for herself and with the help of that experience and knowledge, she established an Indian based Surrogacy Agency located in Michigan serving many intended parents. The cost of surrogacy at her agency is very much affordable with highly technical and experienced doctors.