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Emma Freud reveals her 'IDIOT' cat has chewed handle of £400 handbag

por Milo Madison (2019-12-03)

Emma Freud has revealed her 'idiot' pet cat has used a designer handbag - made by a brand liked by Meghan Markle - as a chewy toy, rendering the luxury accessory unusable.

Bl\u00e6rebet\u00e6ndelseThe television personality, who is married to Love Actually and Yesterday writer Richard Curtis, told her 186,000 followers on Twitter this morning what the mischievous moggy had been up to. 

The news that the long-haired smokey-grey feline had bitten through the strap on the new 'Emma' Charlotte Elizabeth handbag, worth £490, marks another week of feline woes for the Curtis/Freud household. 

A delighted Emma Freud, who's married to Love Actually and Yesterday writer Richard Curtis, and was an associate producer on the latter, revealed that she'd snapped up an 'Emma' handbag, worth £490, from accessory designer Charlotte Elizabeth

Before and after tweets: how the tale of feline thuggery unfolded

A photo of the butchered handle of the £490 brown leather Emma bag by Charlotte Elizabeth

Last week, Freud revealed that she'd had to fetch her cat from an hour away after a well-intentioned stranger had assumed the collarless pussy was a stray and taken it to a veterinary hospital in London's Potters Bar.

She wrote on Twitter at the time: 'Dear person who picked up a cat from our doorstep last night and handed him into a Vet's hospital an hour away in Potter's Bar.... thank you very much for being concerned but he is fine. He had just slipped his collar off.... is reunited now with his tortoise pal at home.' 




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Share And yesterday, shortly before tweeting a photo of the brown leather bag with one of its handles chewed into two pieces, Freud had written: 'First met @charlottelizbth - the designer of this bag - when she was in chronic pain at same time as @scarcurtis.' 

'She coped by designing bags from her bedroom. Then Meghan got one and katte orm her business went viral. Just bought her new design and love it.'

Meghan wore the £175 chestnut 'Bloomsbury' bag by the British designer during a visit to Northern Ireland in March 2018.  

Last week, the BBC Good Food columnist, revealed that she'd had to rescue her cat from 'an hour away' after the moggy had slipped its collar and been mistaken for a stray

The culprit! Last week Freud revealed that she'd had to rescue the pet above from a London veterinary hospital after a kind-hearted but misguided stranger had mistaken it for a stray and handed it in

Broadcaster Freud with her partner Richard Curtis, who wrote recent box office hit Yesterday

Shortly after the photo of Freud clutching the stylish bag came another photo, showing the handle gnawed completely through. 

This time she tweeted: 'Sadly the IDIOT cat mistook gorgeous new handbag for tasty chewy toy.' 

On Twitter, one user referenced the previous week's drama. @outofafrica73 wrote: 'How sharp are his teeth! He is upset didn't like Potters Bar.'

Freud responded: 'You are sooooo wise.' 

User @Wadge locked up her own bags, writing: 'NOOOOOOO ! i'm currently hiding multiple bags from my cats I didn't even know it was a thing ? I'm shuddering.' 

In July, Freud invited a US film fan to tea, after she had decided on a whim to celebrate her 50th birthday by flying to the UK seaside hotel that featured in the film Yesterday.

Dawn Walker, 50, from Seattle, made the 5,000-mile trip to the 'cute' Norfolk town of Gorleston after she fell in love with it while watching the Beatles-inspired romantic comedy with her husband. 

The mother-of-two, who works for Alaska Airlines, decided to mark her milestone birthday acting impulsively, and before she knew it found herself enjoying a classic English seaside break, after booking a stand-by flight to Heathrow and buying a £24 National Express bus ticket to get her to the country's east coast.  

The historic hotel is a '100 times better' than Walker imagined, she said. All of the cast stayed at the property for six weeks during filming last summer and pop star Ed Sheeran even attended the film's launch party at the hotel

Dawn Walker, 50, from Seattle, made the 5,000-mile trip to the 'cute' Norfolk town of Gorleston after she fell in love with it while watching the Beatles-inspired romantic comedy Yesterday - and Emma Freud promptly invited her over for a cup of tea