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If some person locked Facebook how can I log in to Facebook

por Sofia Behan (2019-07-27)

Ask your friend if you can log on to his/her facebook and message facebook.

How can i log in in Facebook if it is locked?
What do you mean by 'locked?'

How do you get on Facebook when its locked?
Facebook can be locked temporarily if you violate their terms. So they will provide you the option to unlock it. Some may require government Id to prove that the account belongs to you. They might also ask you to log in with the devices you have used in the past or tell you to pass a security check. This is how you can unlock your Facebook.

How long will the user account be locked for?
until a log out person dose not

How do you get the chat bar on facebook?
If you can't see the facebook chart on your facebook then log out and log in again

How do you log in to Facebook from your Yahoo account?
You click facebook then log in! Boom :)!

Why do you have to log in with facebook?
Facebook only log in was a temporary measure. Other forms of log in are now available.

How do you log in of Facebook on the HTC Wildfire?
You can log in from HTC Wildfires S to Facebook from browser or Facebook app.

Why can't I log on to Facebook today?
Because facebook sucks. I can't log into it either.

How do you log in a Facebook?
Just Go on the Facebook website as click log on in one of the coners

Why cant you go to Facebook and log in?
you log in on facebook just as you would on myspace. yoville is a app on facebook so you have to access your account first. so you log in to your myspace or facebook account the choose the yoville app.

If i want facebook only to log into sites that require it but dont want anyone to know i have it how do i proceed?
If a person allows their facebook account to log into sites that require it, but the person would like that activity to remain private, this can be managed in the privacy settings. Posts from certain applications or websites can also be "hidden" from their timeline.

If you log out to Facebook can you log in again?
Yes, you can log in again.

How do you log off Facebook?
To Log off Facebook . . . On the top right corner, click on Account. Then, scroll under and click on Log Out.

How do you login with facebook on miniclip?
right where it says log in theres another one that has a f on it press it log in with your facebook log in and there you go

Why won't facebook remember me?
Facebook will likely not remember you because you do not log on often. There may also be other people who log on to Facebook after you causing Facebook not to remember you.

How do you log in on your Facebook in subway surfers?
you'll see an ad saying if you log on to Facebook you'll receive 5000 coins press that and log on

How does one log on to Facebook?
In order to log onto Facebook, one needs to make an account by entering a valid email address and a password of their choice. Afterwards, one can log onto Facebook.

How do you log in Facebook?
To log into Facebook, go to the Facebook website, type in the e-mail address you used to register the account, and type in your password.

How do you log into Facebook invisble?
Find Harry Potter Steal his invisibility cloak Put it on Log into Facebook

How do you log-in in Facebook?
On the homepage of Facebook, type your email address and password and click the Log In button.

How do you delete Facebook friends on aim?
first take then off of facebook then log out of aim then log back in

Can't log on to my Facebook account?
If you can't log into Facebook, then there is probably something wrong with your internet connection.

How do you log in facebook when there are 2 accounts from a same computer?
You can use two separate browsers to do that. For example, Log into one Facebook account in Google Chrome Log into the other Facebook account in Internet Explorer

How do you enter into Facebook?
To log on to facebook, you go to facebook dot com and type in your email address and password. Or, if you don't have a facebook account, you can set up one below the log in.

How do i log someone else off Facebook?
on the right top of facebook find the gear, click it , then select log out.

I have an account on castle age for the iPhone and Im still logged in but I forgot my password so if I log out I cant get back in how do i find out my password?
There is no password for the iPhone app. That account is locked TO your iPhone/iDevice at this time. The logout option is there so you can log into a Facebook CA account if you have one. When you log back into the iPhone account, it will take you right in, no password required.

How can you log in to Facebook?
go to the log in pg at the top right there is a log in information thingy

How do you get the Facebook award in miniclip games?
Log in using Facebook.

How would one log onto the facebook blog?
The Facebook blog's are apps that people can subscribe to. The apps are people blogging about different topics. To log on, simply log on to your account and type blog in the Facebook search. You will be redirected to the blog homepage.

How can you log on facebook using someone else computer who has facebook too?
You can log in the face book from any computer. Just open the web browser and go to Facebook web site and put your user name and password and then click to log in.

How do you follow people from your facebook page on twitter?
You cannot follow Twitter user directly from Facebook. If you see that some one has integrated his twitter account with Facebook and his tweet is poping up in your news feed (Facebook), you will see a twitter symbol below his/her post. Click on it and 인터넷바카라사이트추천 you will redirected to Twitter page. If you are log in on Twitter you can follow the person.

Can't log in to my Facebook account?
Can't access my Facebook account or email from facebook

When you go to yovillecom it says log in how can you log in?
u click on the link to facebook myspace or click on connect to facebook or connect to myspace

You can see your profile in facebook but cannot log in?
no i cannot see profile and when i try to log in some apps thing comes on.

How do you log in Facebook in Iran?
you can not!

How can you get on facebook using a friends computer?
Simply log them out and log yourself in.

How do you log out of Facebook?
top right under the account drop down list there is a log out button You head over to the rigth hand corner of the page, click 'account' and you'll find the 'log out' option The option to log out of your account is located in the account dropdown menu at the top-right corner of Facebook. To get back to Facebook from the Help Center, click Back to Facebook in the top-right corner of this page...

How do you log out of Facebook on your Facebook app?
You go to the little side thing, and scroll down to settings, click on it and then you will see log out in red, click on it(:

How do you login into facebook on someone elses computer?
You can log in to your Facebook account from someone's PC same like you log in your own PC or Laptop.

How do you get in Facebook?
1. Log in/ then register on facebook 2. Make your account

Do you have to log on to Facebook to browse Facebook sites?
yes! to do anything you have to sign in!

Can facebook inbox be accessed by others?
nope, only if another person has the email and password to log into your account they cannot see your inbox messages.

How can someone log off of Facebook?
One may log off of Facebook by simply clicking on the gear icon at the upper right hand corner and then clicking on "log out" in the menu. The gear icon is available regardless of any Facebook page one is currently on.

How do you remove facebook account from one computer and install another already created on another computer?
Your facebook account is nothing to do with the computer you're using it on. When you log-in to your facebook account, the details you enter are compared with the expected details held on their membership server. Provided you remember your log-in details, you can log into facebook from anywhere !

You can't log on to my Facebook account?
cant log onto my facebook account nothing has been changed and no one has my imformation,anything to with facebook and it tells me it cant be found. account temporarily disabled.

How do log out of Facebook?
Click 'Account' in the top right corner, then click 'Log Out'.

How do you log out from Facebook in Ipad?
You slide you finger to the right and go down to log out

Can you get on Facebook from this website?
No, You cannot log on to Facebook from WikiAnswers. You can sign into WikiAnswers using your Facebook account however.

How do you log in to facebook using iphone 3g?
U could get an app for facebook

Can somene tell if you log into their Facebook account using their password?
Only if their friends notice that they are logged in and tells the person whose account you've hijacked.

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