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The Navy positioned the ships in the lagoon to help assess the damage to vessels, equipment, and material from a nuclear explosion.[15] The task force placed tanks, bulldozers, and other military machinery on the island, along with 150 airplanes on the island's airstrip, to test the effect of a nuclear weapon. The proxy fleet if active would have comprised the sixth largest naval fleet in the world. Able was detonated over Bikini on July 1, 1946 and exploded at an altitude of 520 (160 but was dropped by aircraft about 1,500 to 2,000 (460 to 610 off target.[15] It sank only five of the ships in the lagoon.

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Monokinis swimwear :(Eh. I don care much about the changes that the community hate, particularly the bonfire, because I not stopping and observing everything. I playing the game. Some kids, when the time came to eat, would pile their bowl as high as they could; but a few of my cousins and I would only take a little at a time, but keep going back for different ice cream flavor and topping combinations. I've always been a chocolate fiend and my first bowl had to be chocolate ice cream with warm Hershey's syrup, whipped cream and red sprinkles; looking back, though, the bowl I enjoyed the most (and miss the most) was Uncle Stanley's cream cheese ice cream with my mother's apple pie topping and green sprinkles. Sadly, I can barely remember what I heard when I sat eating and listening to my elders' stories, between games of football or tag with my cousins Monokinis swimwear.