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As a adult there no one who knows but me; no one to share childhood memories with, no one who would know things about our family. And I not sure I will have children, and that scary idea for me. If I have no siblings and no nieces or nephews and no kids, will I become lonely?.

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beach dresses They go missing after a night drinking and end up in the Charles with a puncture wound from a needle. The police haven't release any other details and this has been going on for years.edit: here is the link to the news article mentioning the bodies.As to the needle mark, I currently going to school in the Boston area for criminal justice and a lot of my professors are Boston police/ prosecutors and they often hint at foul play and one time in class a Boston police officer slipped the mention of a needle mark in most cases. I know thats not the most reliable source of info but thats all I got. beach dresses