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Different Types of Retail Store Lighting Fixtures

por Nam Caudill (2019-08-15)

Different Types of Retail Store Lighting Fixtures
When it’s time to decide on your store light fixtures, do you sometimes feel like you’re just guessing? This isn’t uncommon. The average person doesn’t spend a lot of time analyzing the details of different light fixtures. However, it’s important to find the right fixture for a job as this both improves your store’s atmosphere and reduces your energy bills.

There are three main types of light fixtures. We have put together a brief explanation of all three types and explain what each one offers. By using the information in this guide, you can be sure that you’re making the right call for your light fixtures.
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Incandescent Retail Store Lighting – Bright but Costly
Pretty well everyone is familiar with incandescent light fixtures. These are frequently used at home, in the office, or in stores. An incandescent light fixture works by heating up a tungsten filament in a glass bulb. As the filament heats up, the light fixture shines off a bright, clear light.

Incandescent light fixtures are useful for drawing attention to a certain product or section in your store. There is a wide selection fixtures with different colors and brightness so you can better personalize your store setting with incandescent lights. The downside of incandescent fixtures is that they are relatively energy draining. They also occasionally burn out so you’ll need to spend more resources on replacement and maintenance.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures – Energy Efficient Lighting
If you want the brightness of incandescent lighting at a lower energy cost, fluorescent light fixtures are the way to go. These light fixtures are long tubes that contain mercury gas and phosphor powder on the coating. When electricity is shot through the fixtures, the mercury gas gets excited and emits ultra-violet light, which turns into white light when it goes through the phosphor.

With fluorescent light fixtures, you get the same bright white light as incandescent light fixtures, but with less energy. Since these light fixtures emit less heat, they waste less energy. This makes them useful for general lighting around the store because they are bright and more efficient. The downside of fluorescent light fixtures is that they are bigger and more expensive to install. Upfront, it costs more to install fluorescent light fixtures but you make this money back over time in energy savings.
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LED Lighting for Retail Stores – The Lighting of the Future?
While incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures have been on the market for forever now, LED light fixtures are a relatively new development. These light fixtures have a semiconductor inside. When electricity goes through this semiconductor, the semiconductor’s electrons start moving around quickly which releases light.

LED light fixtures have many advantages over traditional light fixtures. They are much more energy efficient than incandescent light fixtures. They are also smaller and easier to place than fluorescent light fixtures. In addition, you can get LED light fixtures in a variety of colors.
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LED light fixtures do have a couple disadvantages. First of all, they are more expensive to buy than other options. However, as semiconductors get less expensive, the price of LED light fixtures should continue to fall. Another disadvantage of LED light fixtures is that they’ve only been around for a few years. As a result we don’t have as much performance data on them as we do with other types of light fixtures.

For a quick reference:

Incandescent = bright light, many colors, cheap to purchase, expensive for energy.
Fluorescent = bright light, fewer colors, cheap for energy, expensive for installation.
LED = bright light, many colors, cheap for energy, expensive to purchase, new technology.
Finding the perfect light fixtures will take time and the information in this guide is just a start. However, with this information you are well on your way to narrowing your search towards setting up the perfect light design for your store.
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