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What is a tour leg

por Bette McWhae (2019-08-21)

10 months agoA tour leg is a section of tour, i.e. a continent.

What are the release dates for Angelina's Leg Tour - 2012?
Angelina's Leg Tour - 2012 was released on: USA: 26 April 2012

Will Rush tour in 2011?
Yes, they will tour both Europe and US with a 2nd leg of the Time Machine Tour.

When is Rascal Flatts new leg of tour start?
The new leg of the Nothing Like This Tour begins on January 14th in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

In which tour did Michael Jackson have smooth criminal?
The second leg of his Bad World Tour and all the ones after that.

Will Stevie nicks stop in nashville on her tour with Rod Stewart?
Not on the original 2011 leg of the tour (but in 2012).

Why did Justin Bieber cancel his tour to Melbourne?
he broke his leg

Is 5 Seconds Of Summer supporting One Direction in Sweden too?
Yes, as they are supporting One Direction in the Europe, Australia and American leg of their world tour Camryn is also supporting them in the European leg of their tour

What happened to Justin Bieber's legs?
his leg is fine now, but when he was on tour with Taylor swift he broke his leg...but carried on the show!

Who is supporting one direction 2013 tour?
Camryn in the European leg of their tour 5 Seconds of Summer are supporting them in the Europe, America and Australia legs of the tour as well

What kind of Bass does Greg Lake play?
On the first King Crimson record Lake used a Fender Jazz Bass. He continued to use this bass through ELP's album Brain Salad Surgery and the first leg of the subsequent tour. From the second leg of the tour onward he used a Gibson Ripper bass, and also used an Alembic Scorpion for a short time on the third leg of the tour.

Where did the Owl City tour begin?
Owl City began the American leg of his 2010 tour with Boise, ID at the Knitting Factory.

Who is supporting rihanna loud tour in sheffield 2011?
Nicki Minaj is supporting the European leg of the loud tour. source: Wikipedia

Has Justin bieber broken any bones?
Yes. He broke his leg while on tour with Taylor Swift. Taylor said for him to break a leg and he literally did.

Which bone is the strongest and the heaviest of all the bones in tour body?
The Femur, which is in you leg in your thigh

What is the set list for the 2nd leg of Justin Bieber's tour 2010?
same as the first

Where is julio iglesias now?
sofia Bulgaria, east European leg of world tour !!

Who is the opening act for the Jonas brothers 2009 summer tour?
Jordin Sparks, Honor Society, and Wonder Girls. (WG are only opening for the US leg of the tour.)

Where is Carrie Underwood toring at?
She will begin her second leg of her "Play On Tour" on September 25 in Portland, Oregon, and paket honeymoon belitung will finish the leg on December 19 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

When did Justin Bieber broke his leg?
He broke it on tour with Taylor swift in the united kingdom or something!

Were is Justin Bieber right now in 2010?
He is on the first leg of his My world Tour! On holidays he is in Atlanta

Does Prince still do concerts?
Yes, he is currently on the European leg of his Welcome 2 America tour.

How many hours are in each leg of the tour de France?
There is no set distance to each leg, or "stage", of the Tour de France. The length of each stage differs due to the type of terrain (mountains, flatlands), race type (time trial, mass start) and other factors.

Did van halen open for Bon Jovi?
yes, on bon jovis' mid nineties these days tour, van halen opened for Bon Jovi on the European leg of their tour.

Did Michael Jackson had dangerous world tour planned in the USA in 1994?
Yes, an American leg of the tour was planned to run from January in to March but was cancelled when Michael was hospitalized in December 1993.

What is prince rogers nelson doing at the time?
He is currently doing his European leg of his Welcome 2 America tour.

Is each leg of the tour de france called a peloton?
No. The legs arecalled "stages" in English, "étapes" in French.

Where is Taylor swifts next tour?
Taylor is currently touring Australia for her final leg of her speak now world tour that started in February 2011 and ending in march 2012. the next tour would be sometime after she releases her next album that is coming out later this year.

What band supported alter bridge on their blackbird tour?
In the UK i believe it was Logan & Hot Leg This is true for Manchester at least

Who was Justin Bieber on tour with when he broke his foot?
He was having a concert with Taylor Swift and as he was coming on stage, he tripped and broke his leg

Who is the support act for Bon Jovi in sydney?
October Rage will be supporting Bon Jovi on they're Sydney leg of the tour

Who was Justin bieber singing with when he broke his leg?
He was on tour with Taylor Swift . He was singing " One Time " when he tripped at the beginning of the song .

What are the ancillary services of an tour operator?
these are the extra services provided by the tour operator when sold as part of the package Holiday, for example: car hire, coach tranfers, insurance and extra leg room space when on the plane

Is it true that Ne-yo is coming back to Australia to do a concert tour with Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks later this year?
that is Alicia Key's tour 'As I Am' and to Australia only jordin sparks and lowrider are touring with her. Ne yo is only featuring in the 'As I Am' tour in the north American leg.

Where did Lance Armstrong win his first Tour de France?
In 1999, Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France. The final leg was from Arpajon to Paris on July 25th. The Tour de France concludes in Paris, France. It is here on the Champs-Elysees that Armstrong was awarded his first win in the Tour de France In France. Paris to be exact

How did Bob Dylan die?
He's not dead. In fact he just ended the 1st leg of his 2009 tour (Stockholm March 22 - Dublin May 6) and will be starting the US leg July 1st at Summerfest in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Which foot did Justin Bieber break on tour with Taylor swift?
It was his right foot and lots of people said that he broke his leg. No it was right foot.

Who is supporting Taylor Swift for her speak now tour?
the band NeedToBreathe. NeedToBreathe will join the Speak Now Tour when the North American leg kicks off on May 27th in Omaha, Neb., and will be featured on all shows in the US and Canada.

Who supported Britney Spears?
If you talking about supporting her on her tour? FIRST LEG (USA) Pussycat Dolls SECOND LEG (EUROPE) Ciara THIRD LEG (USA) Ciara - but got dropped at last minute. One Call Jordin Sparks Kristinia Debarge ...Or if your talking about who supported her through her breakdown.. fans + family.

Was Justin Bieber at stvital mall september3rd?
On September 3rd Justin Bieber had a live concert in Essex Junction, VT. This was during the first leg of his My World Tour. On September 4th Justin Bieber wrapped up his tour in Allentown, PA.

Who is the opening act for Keith Urban in Knoxville TN?
Gary Allen is on the second leg of Keith's tour. Not sure if he is at every show though. LISA

Did Justin bieber perform in London?
Yes he did. In Wemberly last year. During that he broke his leg. And he should be back again soon, on tour...x

What CD is Taylor Swift working on?
Currently, Taylor is not working on an album as she is performing the last leg of her Speak Now tour, which ends in November 2011.

Why is Miley Cyrus really in the hospital?
Yes she was. She stayed in a Kansas, MO Hospital because of allergic reaction to some kind of medication that was closing up her throat. So she postponed a lot of her Bangerz Tour dates. Including the Kansas City one and the St.Louis MO one as well. But now she is on her European leg tour of the Bangerz Tour

Who's Nickelback's supporting act in their 2009 tour?
The summer leg had Saving Abel, Papa Roach, and Hinder. Seether was with them in the spring, I think instead of Hinder.

What band is opening for the police in philadelphia?
"Fiction Plane" fronted by Sting's son, Joe Sumner, is the opening act for the North American leg of the 2007 Police tour.

Who was the opening act for the Keith Urban concert at Quicken Loans Arena on November 9 2007?
Gary Allen opened for Keith. He is doing the second leg of the tour.

Is it true that ballerina Anna Pavlova invented the dessert named in her honour?
No. Research indicates that the dessert was originally invented by a New Zealand chef after that country's leg of her tour.

Is Steve young who played with ACDC related to Angus Young?
he is his nephew, took Malcolm's place during the 1988 blow up your video American leg of tour

Is iron maiden touring?
Yes. Iron Maiden are currently touring the USA on the first leg of the Maiden England World Tour. UK dates will follow in 2013...

Will DJ Tiesto visit South Africa in 2010?
Tiesto is currently on his world tour. Dates in Europe, Latin America and North America have been announced officially. However, no dates are currently set for the South Africa leg of his tour. Check his official site website to keep updated.

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