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What was the first Jonas brothers music tour

por Cyrus Timperley (2019-08-21)

their first tour was with Miley Cyrus on her best of both worlds tour but their first single tour was when you look me in the eyes tour

When was the Jonas Brothers' first tour?
The Jonas Brothers first tour was when they were three of New York. The guide was mean.

Jonas Brothers upcoming tours after the Burnin' up tour?
The next Jonas Brothers tour will be starting in early to mid 2009 and will be their very first World Tour.

What was the Jonas brother's 1st tour called?
The name of their first tour is called: JONAS BROTHERS FALL 2005 PROMO TOUR

What is the Jonas Brothers tour going to be called?
The Jonas Brothers most recent tour is called The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009

Are the Jonas Brothers touring in 2009?
Yes, early 2009 will be the start of the Jonas Brothers first World Tour.

When is the next Jonas Brother's tour?
The Jonas Brothers will soon be kicking off their first World Tour early 2009.

Is the Jonas Brothers making a new CD?
Yes they are we will start hearing new Jonas Brothers Music by the fall. And they are planing there next world wide tour.

Are the Jonas Brothers going global?
The Jonas Brothers will soon be going International with their first World Tour coming up this 2009.

Where was the Jonas Brothers first tour at?
The Jonas Brothers started as opening acts for: The Cheetah Girls Jesse McCartney. I hope I helped!

Will the Jonas Brothers do a tour in England this year?
sure the Jonas brothers will do a tour in London!!!!!!!!! they luv London xx sure the Jonas brothers will do a tour in London!!!!!!!!! they luv London xx

Will the Naked Brothers Band go on tour with the Jonas Brothers?
No. Sorry Probably never, Jonas Brothers work for liburan murah belitung Disney and Naked Brothers work for Nickelodeon. Those are rival channels. Plus, the Jonas Brothers have surpassed the Naked Brothers in maturity and their music is more soulful.

How did the Jonas Brothers get famouse?
they make music and go on tour w/other famous people!

Where was the Jonas Brothers Fly With Me music video recorded?
in texes when they was rehursing for there world tour x

Was the Jonas brothers burring up tour their first?
No, they had a short tour after they toured with Miley Cyrus. It was their first tour themselves called "When You Look Me In The Eyes Tour"

Jonas brothers first tour called?
It was called "It's About Time"

What is tour name?
The last Jonas Brothers tour was called the Jonas Brothers Live Tour. It accompanied the release of their album V.

How many tours have the Jonas Brothers had?
== == Burning up tour When you look me in the eyes tour Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 == ==

Are the Jonas Brothers touring now?
No, the Jonas Brothers are not touring currently, they have just recently finished up their Burnin' Up Tour, but they will be touring again on their first World Tour in early 2009 I believe.

When are the Jonas Brothers on tour?
The Jonas Brothers are on tour in Europe right now. They start their tour in the US July 4th. XOXO, Meghan

Who did the Jonas Brothers tour with on the when you look you in the eyes tour?
The Jonas Brothers opening act on the "When You Look Me in the Eyes tour was the band known as Rooney.

Where does the Jonas brothers burnin up tour first kick off?
it already did

Is miley cryrus going on tour with the Jonas brothers?
No she only did the first opener show with them in texas she is not going on tour with them.

Was the Jonas brothers parents in the music business?
They were both working together in the singing bussiness, and on tour is when they fell in love

Are the Jonas Brothers coming to P E?
The Jonas Brothers are currently not on tour.

Is the Jonas Brothers doing a tour in Australia?
In 2009 the Jonas Brothers are doing a WORLD TOUR.. australia is included. hope this helped

Are the Jonas Brothers going on tour again in 2010?
The Jonas Brothers are currently touring in Europe and are in the process of planning their 2010 tour

Why couldn't the Jonas brothers go on his first tour?
he was battling a SEVERE CASE OF HEPATITIS

Who is on the 2009 tour with the Jonas Brothers?
Well obviously the new 2009 Jonas Brothers Summer tour is HUGE! Well the Jonas Brothers are obviously on tour but Jordin Sparks is also going on tour! Im going next week!!! AHHH IM SO EXCITED!

How is the Jonas brothers doing Jonas la and on a world tour in Europe?
They have already fimled the whole season before it even premieres, so they film JONAS LA first then go on their world tour

Will Jonas Brothers come to Asia?
Well the Jonas Brothers have finished the Burnin' Up Tour and they are going to film J.O.N.A.S. and a music video for their song Lovebug. Their next tour will be a worldwide tour so it will be bigger and better and they look forward to touring Asia, Africa, Australia, and so on. So I hope this helped you

When was the Jonas Brothers first tour?
There first solo tour was 'When You Look Me in The Eyes' but they were the opening act for many people like "The Veronicas' and Miley Cyrus.

What is going on with the Jonas Brothers?
The Jonas Brothers have been EXTREMELY busy lately...their on tour.

What are the tour dates for the Jonas Brothers for 2011?
Next Jonas brothers concert in Fresno

Will the Jonas Brothers Come to Billings MT?
The Jonas Brothers have a schedule of their concerts. There are many websites with their tour dates on them. Including... website and website yes

Are the Jonas brothers on tour in 2012?
There are no dates for a tour just now, but they are currently making new music to be released later this year, so there may be a tour at the end of this year or early 2013.

Who is on tour with Jonas brothers?
More like roony is on tour with them

Who is Jonas brothers tour manager?
Their dad is their tour manager.

Who has Taylor Swift been on tour with?
She was on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Who is the opening act of the Jonas Brothers world tour?
The acts that are going along with the Jonas brothers in the world tour are Jordin Sparks and Honor society

How do you get meet and greet passes for the Jonas brothers UK tour November 09?
go to Jonas brothers dot com and press the tour button

Who is the support band for the Jonas Brothers worldwide tour 2009?
The Jonas brothers are going on tour with Honor Society, Jordin Sparks and The Dolly Rockers.

What is the Jonas Brothers doing now?
The Jonas' are on their world tour

Who is opening for the Jonas Brothers in NJ?
honar socity is opening 4 the Jonas brothers this tour

Is miley on tour with the Jonas brothers?
No but she was.

When will the Jonas Brothers becoming to Ireland?
The Jonas Brothers will be coming to Dublin, Ireland on their Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 at November 24, 2009.

Are the Jonas brothers touring after burnin up?
After the Burnin' Up Tour, they'll be doing another (Their first World Tour) in early 2009.

Are the Jonas Brothers coming to Brisbane?
the Jonas brothers world tour does not come to Australia unfortunaly!!!! There is a petition that you can sign on the web the web address is below: website hope that helps

When are Jonas Brothers going on tour again after the Burning Up tour?
The next tour after Burnin' Up is suppose to be their very first World Tour !! :) And is suppose to start in early 2009.

Do the Jonas Brothers want to go on tour with Tokio Hotel?
TH does not want to tour with JB, they never said that. JB on the other hand was the ones saying it. yes the Jonas brothers do wanna tour with tokio hotel it said in a magazine article that both tokio hotel and the Jonas brothers wants to tour together

Where are the Jonas Brothers living at now?
The Jonas Brothers, while not on tour, reside in Los Angeles, California.

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