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Resumo da Biografia When you are looking through different skin cream evaluations, looking for the best anti aging products for the skin, you will often encounter collagen creams. But what are collagen creams actually? Well, these skin creams contain collagen, an important protein which can be found in the skin naturally. Collagen, together with with elastin, are indeed the key factors in the skin that retain it looking young, smooth and firm. As their production is slowed down once we age, they cannot keep up with the task, and the first wrinkles appear. Having go through that, the idea of a collagen skin cream sounds good, doesn't it? Nicely, let's look at some of the pros and cons of collagen creams to find out. Pros It is simple to get this type of skin cream in your local supermarket or cosmetics store Several creams are not too expensive Most collagen creams have other effective components as well, making them work better and more effectively Cons Here's the shock: nearly all collagen skin creams don't function like they should. That's because the collagen molecules are too big to sink into through the skin into the deeper levels, where the skin's own collagen functions. That means the collagen you utilize on the skin is - unhappy but true - useless. Collagen creams are usually non-natural, which makes them potentially dangerous for your health because of various chemicals used in them. Conclusion While collagen skin cream might sound just like a viable alternative when you're looking for the very best anti aging products for your skin, the truth is not quite that rosy. The fact that collagen by nature cannot be used by the skin when applied on it directly makes the collagen in skin moisturizers plain and simple humbug. There is an alternative though: creams that contain ingredients that can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, and enhance your body's ability to produce more collagen and elastin on its own. This is a technique that has been clinically tested and discovered effective by scientists, not to mention several consumers and users of these creams. One of the best ingredients that has this ability is called Xtend TK, and it is a natural, functional keratin available in only a few of the greatest anti aging products. My Recommendation Neglect collagen skin creams and look for an item that boosts your body's own collagen production, preferably one with the ingredient Xtend TK and other natural, efficient ingredients. What other ingredients should you search for? Please visit my website and learn a lot more! The link is just below.