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What was Henry VIII diet? -

por Lovie Ivey (2019-09-25)

Diet? his Diet was probably beer and hamburgers.

Was Henry the VIII beheaded?
Henry VIII was not beheaded.

Why is Henry VIII called Henry VIII?
VIII is eight in Roman Numerals - he was the eighth king named Henry. It is a convention to write monarchs names in the form "Henry VIII" and this is pronounced "Henry the eighth."

What are the other names of Henry VIII?
Henry VIII was generally known as Henry VIII. He was also known as King Hal.

How much did Henry VIII eat?
400 pounds (£) worth of food wich included a diet of ale (beer) and meat

Was Henry VIII a Tudor or a Stuart?
Henry VIII was a Tudor.

Did Henry viii do sports?
Henry viii the big spender

What means viii in Henry VIII?
VIII mean the eighth in Roman numerals. Henry the Eighth

What is the difference between Henry VII and Henry VIII?
Henry VIII was the son, and successor 다이어트 of Henry VII.

Who became king before Henry VIII?
Henry VII was the king before Henry the VIII. There was an older child that died before Henry VIII was put on the throne.

Was Henry VIII the second to rule after Henry vii died?
Henry VIII was the first to rule after Henry VII.

Did Henry VIII have any grandchildren?
Henry VIII Had no Grand children.

Why was Henry VIII called a Tudor monster?
Why was Henry VIII a monster?

Why did Henry VIII hate Catholics?
because henry VIII was a idoid

When did Henry vii have Henry VIII?
Henry VIII of England was born on 28th June 1491

What does viii stand for in Henry VIII's name?
VIII is 8 in Roman Numerals, which means Henry VIII was the eighth King of England to be called Henry.

What was Henry the vIII 's dad's name?
Henry VIII dads name was Henry VII or Henry Tudor

Where did Henry VIII come from?
Henry VIII was the king of England in the 1500's

What is Henry VIII skin colour?
Henry VIII was white, and he was born in Greenwich.

Who was Henry VIII 7th wife?
King Henry VIII had SIX wives

Was Henry VIII real?
Yes, Henry VIII was real. (1491- 1547)

Did King Henry VIII have a brother?
Henry viii did have a brother and it was Arthur King.

When was Henry VIII of Legnica born?
Henry VIII of Legnica was born in 1355.

When did Henry VIII of Legnica die?
Henry VIII of Legnica died in 1398.

What was the time when Henry VIII died?
Henry VIII died in the year 1547.

Is Henry VIII the oldest?
Henry VIII was not the oldest British monarch when he died.

How many wives had Henry VIII of England?
Henry viii had 6 wives

Was King Henry VIII a fair king?
It is not known if King Henry VIII was seen as a fair king. King Henry VIII ruled from 1509 to 1547.

Who was the duke of Suffolk in Henry VIII time?
The Duke of Suffolk in Henry VIII time was Charles Brandon, Henry VIII best friend and brother-in-law.

Who succeed Henry viii and what their religious stance?
Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII. Edward was a member of the Church of England - as are all Monarchs after Henry VIII.

What does VIII mean?
Answer VIII is the Roman Numeral for 8. When used to describe a monarch, such a Henry VIII, it is written as shown here and pronounced "Henry the eighth" To write it as Henry the VIII is incorrect. VIII is the roman numeral equivalent for the number eight.

Who ruled before and after Henry VIII?
Henry VII ruled before Henry VIII and Edward VI ruled after

What relation was Henry VIII to Mary queen of scotts?
Henry VIII was the Great Uncle of Mary Queen of Scotts Mary's Grandmother Margret was the sister of Henry VIII

Henry VIII time line?
Here's one I found: website You can also search "Henry VIII timeline" on Google

Where did Henry VIII grow up?
Henry VIII grew up in Greenwich Palace

When did Henry VIII take over the church?
When did Henry VIII take over the church?

Who founded the Church of England?
Henry VIII did. The church was founded by King Henry VIII

Facts about King Henry VIII?
Kind Henry VIII ruled from 1509-1547.

Why was Henry VIII important in the history of England?
why was henry the VIII important to the history of england?

What was Henry VIII family like?
Henry the VIII family was not so very good

Did Henry VIII forge union with Wales?
Henry VIII did forge a union with Wales.

What were the flaws of King Henry VIII?
Henry VIII was lustful, selfish, and eventually gluttonous.

When Henry VIII die how old was he?
Henry VIII was 55 years old when he died.

What animals did Henry viii hunt?
Henry viii hunted deer and wild boar.

What was the popularity of Henry VIII?
well henry viii was very popular 'cause he was the king.

What did Henry VIII do for a job?
Henry VIII was the King of England, and therefore had no other job.

Who many castles did Henry VIII have?
Henry VIII had just over 60 castles

Did Henry VIII speak German?
Henry VIII did not speak German what so ever.

Henry VIII real name?
Henry Tudor. He is only called Henry VIII because he was the eighth English monarch called henry.

Isn't Henry VIII the first Tudor king?
no he wasnt Henry vii was the first Tudor king not Henry viii

Was Henry VIII the first Tudor king?
No, his father, Henry vii was the first Tudor King. Henry viii was 2nd.

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