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por Joie Kitson (2019-07-04)

Last October was my daughter's senior year of high school. She is a great kid who gets good grades and always features a great attitude. I don't see her as much as I used to since her mother and I have separate but we're still close. Years of dance and volleyball have given her a tight and toned body that I can't help but notice. She appears like a more fit Selena Gomez.

A few weeks before Halloween she was at my house for the weekend planning for a costume party she was attending with some friends. If you have any questions concerning the place and how to use נערת ליווי חיפה, נערת ליווי חיפה you can make contact with us at the website. I couldn't believe the "costumes" my ex wife has agreed to. These were all going as 1940s pin up girls and planning on getting retro hairdos to get along with their tiny dresses. I guess this is one way Halloween earned the name Slutoween.

My daughter's friend came over and שירותי ליווי חיפה they each tried on the costumes and planned their hair and makeup. My daughter's purple dress was so short that after she walked fast it would lift up and reveal the right toned bottom of her amazing ass. The most effective of it absolutely was so tight that I believed her perky breasts would pop the seams. These were laughing and giggling because they pranced around my house discussing all the eye they would be getting from the boys. When my daughter bent over to pick up something she's dropped the dress was so short it road up completely so I'd a complete view of her beautiful ass. Her thong was so tiny that I couldn't see anything but the top of it. It almost appeared to be she wasn't wearing underwear. I was instantly hard and knew it would definitely be a while before I really could stand up. About 20 minutes later her friend left and she sat down on the couch that has been over the room. She turned and laid her head against the arm rest and נערת ליווי חיפה laid on the couch to view TV with one leg up against the back of the couch and one leg dangling off the couch. This caused the small dress to ride up around her waist. That's when I noticed the little thing she was wearing had a sheer front. I could see the perfect outline of her shaved and hairless lips. I quickly went to my room and נערת ליווי חיפה jerked off with the image fresh within my mind.

When my daughter returned to her mom's I noticed she left a number of her things behind. As I was bagging them up to create to her I noticed a paper with the address to the Halloween party she was going to. A day or two before Halloween I came up with a plan. I must say i desired to see my daughter in her costume again so I chose to crash her party. I obtained the costume from that comedy horror movie scream. With the mask and flowing black robes and some black leather gloves nobody would know who I was. The night of the party I almost chickened out. This is crazy but I figured if I obtained caught I really could just say I was concerned about her and checking to make sure she was safe.