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Which ball bounces higher. golf ball hockey ball tennis ball or cricket ball

por Venus Ponce (2019-07-23)

Its a fat foot ball tennis ball my balls bounce the highest

me gusta el fútbolGolf ball or tennis ball witch bounces higher?
A tennis ball does bounce higher!!!:]] x

share: Which ball bounces higher basketball soccerball or tennis ball?
A tennis ball.

share: Which bounces higher a new tennis ball or an old tennis ball?
A new tennis ball will bounce higher. Old tennis balls are considered "dead."

share: Which one bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a tennis ball?
a wet tennis ball doesn't bounce as high, so the dry one will bounce higher

share: Why does a tennis ball bounce higher when heat is applied?
The reason why the tennis ball bounces higher is because when heat is applied the tennis ball expands making it more like a fly away football 'makes it lighter' when it is bounced it hits the floor and had more air in it so therefore bounces higher.

share: Which bounces higher a tennis ball or basketball?
it depends how hard the ball hits the ground a basketball would deffinetly bounce higher than a tennis ball

share: What tennis ball is the best?
i think that stratlganzer is the best tennis ball because it bounces higher then all the others and lasts longer.

share: What are the main 4 sports played in Asia?
Cricket,floor hockey, tennis, soccer

share: Why does a heated tennis ball bounce higher?
A heated tennis ball bounces higher because the hot air inside the ball is lighter than the air around the ball therefore giving the tennis ball the ability to bounce higher.

share: How the temperature of tennis ball affects how high it bounces?
As the ball warms up, it possesses more bounce. Therefore, it bounces higher. Squash balls are the same.

share: Is cricket the national sport of India?
No, Sport in India includes cricket, chess, badminton, field hockey, lawn tennis, football, golf. Though field hockey is the national sport of India, cricket is the most popular sport in the country.

share: Top 10 sports in the world?
Football Hockey cricket tennis table tennis snooker pool basketball WWE Swimming Game

share: Which sports are better in 2010?
I think Cricket, hockey, football, tennis and many other sports.

share: What types of sports do they do in new zealand?
Rugby, cricket, soccer, field hockey, tennis and F1.

share: What sports are played in Pakistan?
Hockey is our national game and cricket badminton and tennis is played races are awsum!

share: Why does a tennis ball bounce higher on harder surfaces?
Because the hard surface doesn't absorb any of the energy of the tennis ball - thus the ball bounces higher than if it was dropped on a softer surface.

share: What are the top ten sport in world?
Football (Soccer) Cricket Hockey (Field) Tennis Volleyball Table Tennis Baseball Golf Football (American) Basketball

share: What type of ball bounces the highest?
No ball bounces higher than others. There are different ball for different surfaces and it depends on what surface you are on (clay, hard, or grass). The ball will bounce higher on hard then it does on clay or grass. -tennis player

share: What are a few sports played in England?
Football (soccer), rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, badminton, netball, hockey.

share: What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?
a tennis ball will bounce the highest as in sports or a bouncy ball bounces higher than that

share: What bounces higher a basket or a tennis ball?
try bouncing each one under the same conditions and find out for yourself

share: Which tennis ball bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?
The dry tennis ball will bounce higher, if you use the same amount of force, the wet tennis ball will slide a bit when it hits the ground and bounce lower. In short, the weight of the water will make the tennis ball heavier, with the weight of the water keeping it from bouncing as high.

share: Does the surface affect the way the tennis ball bounces?
Yes, the surface affects the way the tennis ball bounces.

share: Top 10 richest sports?
Soccer Cricket Tennis Basketball Hockey Volleyball Handball Race Swimming Golf

share: What kind of sports are there in the world?
there are cricket and basketball and tennis,soccer,and baseball, and afl if your Australian ,rugby league and footballv and hockey

share: How many bounces are players allowed on wheelchair tennis at Wimbledon?
2 bounces are allowed in any wheelchair tennis match

share: What are some international sports?
Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Ice Skating, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Boxing, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, 1. Foot ball 2. Tennis 3. cricket some of sports are there i will give u later

share: Which is the most famous sport in India 1. Cricket 2. Hockey 3. Football 4. Tennis?
1. Cricket, without any doubt.

share: What are all the sports that are been played at wolmers high school for girls?
cheerleading, comprar replicas futbol basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, hockey, football, badminton, volleyball, netball, cricket, swimming

share: What sports do girls play in Nigeria?
Hockey Tennis Water Polo Go Fish Extreme Nigerian Golf Crocket Cricket

share: Top 30 Sports?
Football Soccer Basketball Hockey baseball Softball Tennis cricket ski......Skating Roller Blading

share: Can you list ten types of sports?
soccer basketball football baseball hockey lacross tennis track and field swimming cricket

share: What sports are played in India?
The national sport of India is field hockey. Also popular is cricket, football, tennis, and martial arts.

share: Give atleast 10 examples of sports?
Football, Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, Bowling and Hockey.

share: Popular sport in 2000-2010?
Basketball, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis. In order of popularity, the sports are: 1) Soccer 2) Cricket 3) Hockey 4) Tennis 5-6) Volleyball, Table-Tennis 7) Baseball 8-9-10) Golf, Rugby, Basketball

share: What sports are played Pakistan?
Almost all sports are played in Pakistan. Cricket is one the top. Hockey Foot BAll Volly Ball Badminton Basket Ball Tennis Table Tennis

share: What are the sports that are available?
Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field, cross country, rugby, squash, tennis, lacrosse, ice hockey, field hockey, softball, rowing, crew, cricket

share: What are the top 10 most popular sport in the uk?
Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Darts, Swimming, Rowing, Hockey, Athletics and Netball

share: What are the national games of England?
Football (Soccer), Cricket and Rugby Football are the most popular. We also play Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Basketball ...

share: Ranking of famous sports in the world?
Football (Soccer) Cricket Tennis Gymnastics Swimming Cycling Karate Basketball Field Hockey Baseball

share: What is the worlds top ten sporting events?
football rugby tennis javelin hockey cricket ping pong bungee jumping skiing ? ?

share: Ten biggest sports?
soccer football baseball basketball fooseball hockey air hockey dogeball kickball feild hockey this an actual list from forbes soccer, cricket, baseball, basketball, tennis, rugby union, ice hockey field hockey, American football, and rugby league

share: List major sports in order of popularity?
Worldwide - Association Football (Soccer In The USA) - Cricket - Golf - Tennis - Basketball - Baseball - Rugby - Field Hockey - Volleyball - Ice Hockey - American Football

share: What order do the sports go in by popularity?
Worldwide - Association Football (Soccer In The USA) - Cricket - Athletics - Golf - Tennis - Basketball - Baseball - Rugby - Field Hockey - Volleyball - Ice Hockey - American Football

share: What ball bounces the hightest out of a Tennis ball basketball and a soccer ball?
a bsket ball bounces hightest then come a tennis ball and then a soccer ball

share: Why does a tennis ball bounce high in hot weather?
A tennis ball bounces higher in hot weather than in cold weather because the density of air is less in this weather, due to which the frictional force is reduced

share: Sports in the 1920s?
Some sports that were played in the 1920s include golf, football, baseball, and boxing. Other sports were hockey, tennis, rugby, and cricket.

share: Top ten most popular sports in the world?
football, basketball, rugby, golf, running, cricket, snowboarding, hockey, tennis and playing with your nipples.

share: What sport can you do for gcse pe?
I know girls that do swimming, netball, hockey and boys that do football, rugby, basketball cricket and I know people who do tennis and badminton...

share: Most popular played sport?
The most popular played sport is:"Football (Soccer) They are in global popularity; Soccer Cricket Field-Hockey Tennis Volleyball Table-Tennis Baseball Golf American football

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