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Everton or Liverpool

por Benito Dieter (2019-07-31)


Is everton in Liverpool?
Yes it is, they are an alright footie team.... Everton is a district of Liverpool

share: Who has played for Liverpool everton and leeds?
Nick Barmby played for Everton, Liverpool & Leeds United. Billy Scott played for Everton, Liverpool & Leeds City.

share: Are liverpool better than everton at football?
Liverpool is more successful than Everton

share: How many league championships have Everton and Liverpool won between them the city of Liverpool won?
27 , 18 for Liverpool and 9 for Everton

share: Where does Everton originate from?
Everton football club originate from the Liverpool district of Everton.

share: Which city does Everton FC play in?
Everton play in Liverpool.

share: Who has more fans everton or Liverpool?
Liverpool! Merseyside is full of Liverpool fans, and just think how many people fit into Anfield compared to Everton!

share: Why are Everton known as the catholic side of Liverpool?
Everton are the catholic side of Liverpool because more catholics live there but everton fc is prodestant. it was based a methodist club

share: What is the meanin of everton?
Everton is a place in Liverpool and is in a very popular city.

share: Captain of liverpool and everton?
Captain Of Liverpool is Steven Gerrard . He is the captain for last 10 years . Captain of Everton is Phil Jagielka

share: Is everton better than Liverpool?
Yes Everton are better in my opinion No because Liverpool now has the one and only Kenny Daglish.

share: Who has the biggest fan base in Liverpool Liverpool or everton?
Liverpool has the biggest fan base

share: Is Liverpool fc older than everton fc?
No Everton were formed in 1878 and Liverpool were formed in 1892. Liverpool were formed because of a Fallout between the Everton Board. The owners argued over the rent for Anfield, so Everton moved to Goodison park a mile away. Left with an empty field, Liverpool was formed to fill the vacant stadium.

share: camisetas de futbol What are the names of both football teams in Liverpool?
Everton and Liverpool FC

share: What are the 2 biggest soccer clubs in Liverpool?
Liverpool FC and Everton

share: Who is the better side Liverpool or everton?
Liverpool but Chelsea is a lot better

share: How many teams in Liverpool?
There are three teams Liverpool, Everton. and Tanmere .

share: Is Liverpool a better team than everton?
yes they are because Liverpool have won 60 domestic cups Everton have only won 19

share: Who has more fans Liverpool or everton?
Liverpool. It use to be the case that Everton had more fans in Liverpool. However over the past 10 years there has being a considerable swing. Liverpool has had a larger international appeal for a long time due to being the more successful club. Liverpool have an estimated 120 million fans worldwide. Everton have an estimated 15 million fans worldwide. Everton are the best though. Flashman42 - 15,04,11 Well done to whoever edited this last... Read More

share: What is the probability of Everton winning against Liverpool in their next match?
0% Everton are woeful.

share: Is Michael Owen an everton fan?
Michael Owen was an Everton fan as a kid, before he became a professional footballer. I guess he would support Liverpool and Everton now though, given what he achieved with Liverpool

share: How many football teams are there in Liverpool?
Three. Liverpool and Everton and Tranmere Rovers

share: Did arsenal win or everton win in a football match?
Actually, most people would think Arsenal but Everton did. Also i am a big big Everton fan myself (I live in Liverpool, hate liverpool) LOL.

share: What teams are in the merseyside derby?
Liverpool and Everton.

share: Where do everton play?
Goodison Park Liverpool

share: Which player has captained Liverpool and everton fc?
Edgar Chadwick captained Everton FC from 1888-1899 and later on captained Liverpool FC from 1902-1904.

share: Does Paul McCartney have a favourite sports team?
Everton or Liverpool but preferably Everton for Sir Paul.

share: How many football teams are in Liverpool?
3 teams Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere Rovers

share: What was the score when Liverpool and Everton were against each other February 2010?
2.0 to Liverpool

share: Who has played more times at wembley Liverpool or everton?
Liverpool obviously, including FA Cup, League Cup and Charity shield and European cup Liverpool 37, Everton 23 including this years finals.

share: Is everton better that Liverpool?
Of course!!! i cannot belive that you would ask such a question! they are the best in the world!!!! everton

share: Who has scored for both Liverpool and everton?
Nicky Barmby

share: Who are the enemies of Liverpool FC?
Everton and Manchested United

share: Is everton Football Club in London?
Nope, liverpool

share: Which goalkeeper has played for both Liverpool and Everton?
One such goalkeeper is Sander Westerweld, who played for Liverpool between 1999 and 2001, and Everton on loan, during a 2006 goalkeeping crisis.

share: Which EPL teams are based in Liverpool?
Liverpool FC at Anfield Everton FC at Goodison Park

share: Who has won the champions league more times everton or Liverpool?
Liverpool have won it five times.

share: Did Glen Johnson play for everton?
I do not think he played for Everton . He played for West Ham, Portsmouth and now Liverpool.

share: Who played for Liverpool and everton?
Peter Beardsley, and Abel xavier.

share: Who is the main rival of Everton FC?
Most likely Liverpool

share: Who was the last player to move from Liverpool to everton?
Abel Xavier?

share: Who was the last player to transfer from everton to Liverpool?
Dave higson!

share: Who is the Liverpool FC biggest rival?
man u and everton

share: Where do Everton play their home games?
Goodison Park, Liverpool

share: How many times has Everton beaten Liverpool?
I dont know, but I am a big Everton (2014) because of the legand Ross Barkley

share: Celtic linked to everton or Liverpool fc?
Celtic have the same anthem as Liverpool "you'll never walk alone"

share: Why are Liverpool better than everton?
because everton suck and are the worst team ever they have never won anything and never ever ever will, unlike Liverpool who are the most succesfull football team ever in british football history official fact and im saying this as an everton supporter so i don't know what a Liverpool supporter would say

share: Does jamie carragher support everton?
Liverpool fc wrong he is an evertonian he use to travel on our away coaches and had an everton tattoo on his arm

share: How far from Liverpool FC to Everton FC?
3 minutes by car

share: Who plays in the Merseyside derby?
Liverpool FC vs Everton FC

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