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Tokyo Olympics tickets are sold out. Here's how to buy them next spring

por Maura Koss (2019-08-15)

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Only one more year until the Summer Games.

pexels-photo-266246.jpegIOC/Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are a year away, but if you're going to try to watch the games in person, you've got to start planning now. The Summer Games run from July 24 to Aug. 9, 2020, and feature new events such as karate, surfing and sport climbing, along with favorites like swimming, basketball and track and field. 

Tickets have been selling like hotcakes, as always, but you'll have a few more chances to get in on the action. You could splurge on a package (we're talking upward of $7,000 per person -- more below), or mark your calendar for spring 2020 for another shot at a ticket. We'll keep you updated when they're available. 

Meanwhile, tuck away these details about how you can reserve a spot when ticket sales reopen.

Now playing: Watch this: Intel developing 3D Athlete Tracking for Tokyo 2020 Olympics 3:36 Tickets to the Olympics? Yes, please!
1. Go to, the official website for buying tickets in the US, Australia and other countries. (If you're in the UK, go to Team GB Live.)

2. Click View Tickets.

3. You'll need to decide which Olympic events you want to see and the dates that you can go. You can search the tickets by sports, date or venue.

4. Once you've made your pick, select how many people you're buying tickets for.

5. Now it's time to buy the tickets before they're gone... again. 

Splurge on a package
If you don't want to miss out on the Olympics next year, you can always get one of the (pricier) packages. This will include the hotel cost and events, which will vary depending on which package you buy.

1. Go to

2. Click View Packages.

3. Select a package. Options are Premier (most expensive), Sport Specific and Flex packages. The Premier and Sport Specific packages have events you can attend, whereas the Flex package allows you to choose the events you want to see.

4. After you've chosen a package, follow the steps to checkout.

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