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Sherlock Holmes Mania

por Salvador Muir (2019-09-16)

Even the characters in books have loyal and adoring fans. One such character is the most popular detective of all fictional detective classics. His name is Sherlock Holmes. His fans still visit the address that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so gave him long ago in the late nineteenth century. It is a place of solace to the extreme fan and a place of admiration for any fan. The building itself being a work of historical architectural art, its large presence calls to people from the street. Old buildings like this often do that. Even if it were not the said living quarters of the famous Sherlock Holmes, people would still be somewhat drawn to the beauty of the old architecture as not too much of that is left standing anymore.

You can find the museum at the common but famous address that was written about in the book so many times. It sits on Baker Street, 221b is the address and the famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are written to have lived there from around 1881 1904 as Doyle states in his stories. What used to be an original boarding house that was built in 1815 is now protected by the Government for historical purposes. The first floor, as well as the rest of the interior, is also advertised to still be in the immaculate condition that it was described in the book; every little intricate detail in just the right place. Perfectly preserved for any Sherlock Holmes enthusiast to visit and take pictures of, this museum is a work of fantasy and reality combined.

There, in the museum, everything is just as it was described in the many stories by Doyle. The armchair near the fireplace, the violin, the pipe, etc. it is all there. Even the bedroom off the study exists in perfect detail. The rooms also contain personal effects for both Holmes and Watson; interesting details for two completely fictional characters to leave behind. There is even a gift shop where items relating to Sherlock Holmes can be purchased for gifts or even for ones own collection of Holmes memorabilia. Pictures are allowed to be taken if one chooses to visit this enchanting destination and tours are always welcome. Hansom cabs are even available to tour the area around the building and around London! Wouldnt that be interesting! A cab drawn by horse to ones destination is unheard of today. With vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc being available today that are much quicker as a means of transportation, most people do not think about the enjoyment of riding along in a horse drawn taxicab.

There is also a Society of Sherlock Holmes fans. One can log into the site and meet many people sharing the same interest and love for the famous character. It is free to join and easy to do. Joining takes only a moment of ones time and it provides a plethora games of thrones news and information to the Holmes fan. The museum is a fantastic tribute to the world renowned classic fictional detective.