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The good thing is, for many who want to safeguard their health by steering clear of equally insect bites and chemical-based bug repellents, you can find all sorts of do-it-oneself formulas for all-natural bug sprays. Google "generate your quite individual bug repellent" and you'll get a lot more formulation than you may shake a stick at. (I have under no circumstances comprehended that expression, but certainly that does not quit me from making use of it.) In several recipes, the most crucial elements are Alcoholic beverages (possibly rubbing or perhaps the kind you could potentially drink) plus vital oils. Here is one that I do think is just excellent! Elements: 1 cup of grain Liquor (natural and organic and pure if accessible), vodka, or witch hazel thirty drops necessary oils (lavender, citronella, rosemary, rose geranium, lemon, or tea tree oil (decide one particular or a mixture of only two) Directions: Put every one of the components inside a spray bottle. Shake

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