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Home stay piggy bank - the ideal resting place for phượt people

Travel to Da Nang instead of choosing hotels, motels as other travelers often choose, I think you should choose for yourself stay piggy bank to rest. Nothing is more appropriate than this option, especially for those who like to explore and move like you. The interesting experiences here will make you "once remember forever" about Da Thanh and homestay services here.

Double line introduced about homestay piggy

Listening to the name is impressive enough, right? Listen too much. Homestay piggy is really just a stop for tourists when coming to Da Nang. Located at 23 Dao Cam Moc in Danang City, the homestay is the place where tourists and pampers always come to stay. Not only for reasons of clean, airy, close to the city center but also for staying here to meet the friendly and hospitable "bosses" and "sisters".

Da Nang is a famous city with many famous places, landscapes and dynamic venues. The rhythm of life is always bustling, but even in the heart of Da Thanh still naturally exists a homestay too simple and gentle.

The special thing about this homestay that rarely anyone knows about it is the "pig brother" who is passionate about moving. Phượt is so, so some people like to go to the beach to go there to "ask the swirling whirlpool" with him about the tourist destinations in Da Nang.

Why should 500 brothers not miss the homestay piggy bank?

The reason people move cannot miss this lovely homestay is countless, but the following I just want to say, avoid speaking for a few reasons, but I want to know more interesting things, only one time Come here and try:

Price too chestnut: air-conditioned room only 80k, normal room only 50k. I think cheap, so what can we do now? The question is too hard. Ask my pig brother right away, I know right away.

The homestay owner is a phượt people, an opportunity for worshipers to converge across the country

Cook yourself the same as home

The host is cheerful, the most popular of the solar system. Entering in is "criticism" the boss is always HA

Extremely good security, there are no theft phenomena

Parking is available, comfortable for guests to operate

Being consulted about entertainment places can not miss when coming to Da Nang, ...

This homestay Homestay knows the guest. The room here is very closed, so I advise you to contact phone number 0964467901 to book in advance

Not only is it famous for its cheap and quality motels, but Homestay Pig also has car rental service very well. Motorcycles are diversified in style, guaranteed with quality, ... so customers only need to rent a car and go on vacation. Car rental is not enough, my pig brother is a phantom boss, any corner he knows should spoil the place for you to check in

Last time there was a group of friends who rented a car at the piggy bank but ran out of cars, so I introduced a backup location that I think is quite good, if you are interested, you can consult

After this, some guys watch this funny video, the black guy says Piggy, be careful when you give the pig to rent a piggy-homestay.

Wish you have a happy trip

Refer more information about da nang tour at a website !