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I was out of work in inadequate health factors were having along with me and the home desired function I'd no revenue I felt down lonely frustrated and suicidal I've worked all my life I failed to wish to ask family members for money but a pal suggested I visit a person he knew who could help me out I got in contact with him and he came to my home he produced me come to feel like he was there that can help Which he cared and he supplied me the money I wanted he place a repayment approach set up but I under no circumstances felt I was capable to fork out it off as this was just masking my other loans things just bought worse I could not afford to pay for to buy foodstuff gas electricity or my lease I needed to use the heat within the iron to heat myself up through the chilly Winter season evenings even if I was capable of finding some cash for food stuff I had been too frightened to Visit the shop just in case he or his individuals saw me and even attacked me I used to be so frightened

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